The Ernani Tasting Box has arrived!


The Ernani Coffee Tasting Box has arrived, both in beans and ground!

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It is also available in whole beans and ground format, both for mocha pot, expresso, paper filter, metal filter and neapolitan mocha pot  CLICK HERE >

Why the Tasting Box?

Thanks to your interactions with us and your messages, we understand that choosing the right kind of coffee for you and this brings to a lot of questions like:

“Am I more into Arabica or Robusta?

What level of creaminess and aromaticity am I looking for?

Do I prefer a wide range of aromas or bitterness? "

It’s not easy to answer these questions and I understand it well!

Even visiting the Ernani sit is not sufficient as a lot infos are available that are sometimes difficult to process and understand. 10 or more different qualities of coffee are available… which one should I choose?

Well, Ernani's Tasting Box is intended to allow you to answer these questions!

It does not aim to let you taste all the Ernani coffees, but it does aim to make you discover which type of coffee is most suitable to your tastes and desires.

You will make a sensory journey across single origins from different lands, intensely aromatic blends and full-bodied and intense coffees!


You will find 4 packs of coffee of 250g each:

  • 1 Socio/eco-sustainable coffee, perfect for deepening your knowledge of the coffee world, discovering what can be hidden behind a "simple cup"!
  • 1 Single origin or a 100% Arabica blend, in order to understand what is meant by "pleasant acidity" in the cup, "aromatic intensity", "wide range of aromas", "softness" in the body and "delicacy" in the aroma. You will be able to take a trip around the world and savor the land of origin of our carefully selected Arabica coffees!
  • 1 Blend with a higher percentage of Arabica, to understand if the coffee that best suits your tastes is the one with a good aromatic and fragrant intensity, but which at the same time also expresses a good body. All balanced by a slight bitterness brought by the robusta.
  • Finally 1 Blend with a higher percentage of Robusta or even a 100% Robusta blend, to discover this category of intense, creamy, full-bodied coffees and above all with a good bitterness and perfect for breakfasts, thanks to their high caffeine content.
* the photo is not representative of the content, the coffees entered may vary.


With the Tasting Box you can definitively taste the 4 aromatic spectra of coffee!

From the most delicate and fragrant ones to the intense and creamy ones ...

You will definitely try these flavors on your skin: you will have them all at home and you will have time to find out which category is more akin to you!

And that's not all!

Once you discover your category, you can indulge yourself and always try new coffees within this group!

To do this we have thought of a gift for you that you decide to buy, CLICKING HERE >

Inside the package you will find a DISCOUNT CODE that you can use on your next purchase!

Interesting right?

I, Martina, believe a lot in this product, because it is the key both to better understand our tastes and not through abstract words, but by tasting it in first person, but also because it gives us the opportunity to get out of our schemes!

This is my personal experience: initially I didn't drink coffee, because not knowing it, I thought it could only be bitter and I don't like bitterness at all.

Studying and discovering the different varieties I realized that I actually love coffee, you just need to know how to choose the right one!

On the contrary Luca, Ernani's founding partner and commercial agent, as a boy loved intense, black and creamy coffee, thinking that everything else was "dirty water". He too, studying and tasting an infinity of different coffees, he understood that in reality he likes both intensity, sweetness and freshness, depending on the occasion.

This product therefore gives us the opportunity to experiment, to open our minds and go beyond our habits ... and I think this is an extraordinary thing!

Giving this drink the possibility to vary makes it exceptional and opens the mind to various realities, to the discovery of the countries of production.

I hope this opinion also applies to you who are reading!

Martina Mazzoleni 

The best coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered where you want

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