All about Primavera blend


Do you already know the Primavera blend of Caffè Ernani?

A real explosion of taste on your palate!

It is a simple blend, but with a unique aromatic profile, which sets it apart from any other coffee I've ever tasted before!

The time has therefore come to know everything about the Primavera blend: its composition, its characteristics, taste and lots of tips for extraction in espresso, with mocha and filter!

For years now at the Ernani roasting company we have been offering a seasonal blend: the Christmas blend. So why not create more? Here is the Primavera blend in Limited Edition!

Paolo's goal, as Ernani's head roaster, was to offer a fresh coffee, capable of suddenly changing personality, as it happens in Spring (Primavera in Italian).

Where can you buy this blend?

At the Ernani Roasting in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20. Here you can also taste it in espresso before purchasing!

Do you want to taste it from home too?

Unfortunately it is not available on the website, but just send me an email to or a whatsapp message to +39 3756879940 to receive it comfortably at home!


As we have already said, the blend had to be bubbly, fresh and with two personalities.

As soon as we tasted the new coffee arrived in the company, the Costarica Tournon, a light bulb went on!

The washed Costa Rica, coffee grown in volcanic soil, in a mineral soil, acquires this unique characteristic of its kind: flavor.

As you probably already know, salt is a flavor enhancer.

Therefore, combined with the natural Brazilian Santos Bom Chocolate, which by itself is able to bring a strong hint of chocolate into the cup, thanks to the flavor, it is made even more intense!



Sensory description

The taste is a sweet and chocolaty coffee, with a round body and a velvety cream.

Everything changes suddenly, giving the cup a great freshness and floreality, like the spring air.

The tasting ends with a great aromatic intensity, which persists on the palate for some time.


The main aromatic hints are chocolate, caramel and flavor.


The Primavera blend is therefore suitable for you if you are looking for a fine coffee, composed of Arabica only, intense, sweet and fresh at the same time and also with a good body.



Medium Roast 

Everything is then enhanced by the Medium Roasting, Ernani's distinctive signature on all his coffees, carried out separately for each single origin.

In fact, the coffees are blended only after roasting, so that everyone can have their own roasting curve, which perfectly matches their specific needs!


The Medium Roasting maximizes all the natural aromas and qualities of raw coffee, extracting only the best from each bean.

Finally, it never makes the coffee excessively bitter, so it is perfect to be enjoyed even without sugar!





Extraction methods 

Here are some tips on the four possible macro extractions:

  • Expresso 
  • Mocha Pot
  • Paper filter  


I anticipate that Primavera coffee is at its best in espresso.




Extracted in espresso we recommend a dose of 8gr per person to obtain an intense, creamy and above all fragrant cup.


Already on the nose you can perceive a strong aroma of cocoa and toasted, which is then found again when tasted.


The taste is the first to notice a pleasant floral acidity, which vanishes in a very short time in favor of sweetness, with notes of chocolate.

The sensations change a third time: now the flavor blends in our mouth with the cocoa, leaving an unprecedented caramel note as an aftertaste.



Mocha Pot

Now with the mocha: the nose always smells of cocoa.

But, with this extraction method, we also perceive bitterness. Now more than chocolate, cocoa is recognized, always balanced by the freshness of Costa Rica.



Paper filter

If extracted in a filter, on the other hand, the nose perceives a scent of chocolate and flowers.


The resulting drink is delicate and soft, with zero bitterness. Perhaps too delicate and soft!

Thinking back to the goal of this blend, which is to offer an explosion of taste with every sip, with filter brewing methods you lose a little of its beautiful angularity.


To find out how to extract coffee with different extraction methods, watch the videos on:







The Primavera blend, chocolaty, intense, sweet and fresh is waiting for you!


Martina Mazzoleni 

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