A tool for a successful business: Caffè Ernani distribution


Do you want to offer an excellent service to your customer?

As we all know, coffee is the basis of our culture. It represents a recharging break, dialogue and communication, aggregation and above all an excellent product always worth tasting!

This is why we at Caffè Ernani want to distribute a great product, together with a timely and reliable service, where transparency, trust and support govern every step!

We offer personalized services for each type of venue or business:

  • Bars and cafes
  • Pastry shops and ice cream shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Offices and canteens
  • Shops

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Ernani's coffees differ from the competition for the single origin Medium Roasting. Each cup is and will be a real pleasure for your customers, thanks to the less bitterness that leaves room for all its natural scents.

We have always selected only the best origins from all over the world to give personality and quality to our coffee, choosing the perfect roasting profile for each of them.

Research never stops!

We always create new products and blends, guaranteeing a complete and constantly evolving range for the home, offices, bars, restaurants and hotels, to satisfy your every desire.

All accompanied by exclusive merchandising, with an impactful and elegant image that allows you to better enrich and customize the service.


A dedicated team

Those who join the Ernani world can rely on a dedicated team: competent, experienced, professional and above all passionate about the world of coffee.

We believe that this professional ethics is the guide to building a strong and transparent relationship that leads to success in your business.


Listening and great availability towards the customer are fundamental ingredients for us.

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Or contact our Sales Manager directly by email at shop@caffeernani.com or at +39 3756879940.

That's why we offer you

The attempted sale service: our agents pass by customers on a weekly basis to acquire the order and complete the delivery simultaneously.

You won't have to worry about anything anymore!

You’ll tell us directly what you need and it will be delivered to you instantly.

In addition, you will always have a close relationship with your contact agent, available for any problem as soon as it occurs.

You no longer have to call an answering machine or switchboard that puts you on hold, always talking to different people: with us it will be simple and immediate.

All accompanied by technical assistance: our mechanic is active 24/7 365 days a year. No more waiting and, above all, stop your business due to equipment problems.

We want everything to always work at its best, which is why we intervene immediately after your call.

And finally, there are also professional and non-professional courses!

We really love coffee, it has become our passion and our mission.

But even more important is you who offer it to the final consumer. It is you who have the opportunity to get to know the customer and serve him an excellent cup of coffee.

This is why we believe that training is important so that all links in the chain work at their best, as a single team, to achieve something really good.

At Ernani you can do it with our Green Coffee, Roasting, Cafeteria, Espresso Tasting and Brewing courses.

Choose one, or all of them. Participate alone or with friends and colleagues!

Or why not, we also organize theme days for your customers!

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Or contact our Sales Manager directly by email at shop@caffeernani.com or at +39 3756879940.

Products for all categories

We offer customized products and services for each category.

If you are a Bar, a Cafeteria, a Pastry Shop or a Restaurant, you can choose from 5 different blends, in addition to Adagio, our decaffeinated coffee. Plus all the complementary products your business needs!

And if that's not enough for you, we customize it for your needs!

Discover all the latest generation equipment available with the reference agent.


If you have an office, we have the right capsules for you, together with the compatible machine!

Do you have a hotel? We have online products and services for your every need.

Complete your offer with an electric moka in each room and a packet of 100% Italian ground Ernani coffee. Or your meeting room with automatic machines or capsule machines. And don't forget the bar and breakfast room too!

And finally, do you have a grocery store, a grocery store on tap or a grocery store?

Choose our products designed for the home segment: 250 g packets of grains and ground in 12 flavors and 3 formats!

In short, our goal is to be able to offer you everything you need and to do it in a short time, in order to avoid disturbing you or cause problems.

We are happy to be able to collaborate with people who have the same desire to better serve their customers, so as to create a supply chain that is truly transparent, aware and that gives added value to the consumer.

As you well know, learning never stops! And we want to do it together by helping and supporting each other, to become great together!

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Or contact our Sales Manager directly by email at shop@caffeernani.com or at +39 3756879940.

Martina Mazzoleni 

The best coffees, roasted to perfection and delivered where you want

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