How to clean the Moka pot: guide for a coffee pot that shines


Do you want an exceptional coffee?

It is not enough to choose a good blend or a fine single origin, you also need the right tools and always clean!

Enough with the grandmother's false myth that "the moka pot should never be washed, so the aroma of coffee remains!".

When you cook, you wash everything you've used, right?

So why not wash the mocha too?

Coffee is a food and must therefore be treated as such!

That's why in the past ABCoffee articles I have already told you the story of our beloved Italian coffee maker, as well as providing you with all the tricks to make the most out of it, such as the recipe, the doses, the recommended coffee and so on.


But now it's time to find out how to clean the moka pot, to keep its performance always at the top!

Under a TikTok video, where I showed how to prepare coffee with the moka pot, many noticed that I removed it from the heat before the extraction was finished and the coffee kept coming out!

And many have commented to me "My coffee doesn't keep coming out if I take it off the heat, why?"

The answer has two reasons:

  • The coffee purchased, even if for moka pot, is actually ground too finely. In this case the water encounters too much resistance and cannot pass through the ground, so as soon as it is removed from the heat and no longer has that great pressure given by the steam, it stops dispensing.

This is a mistake.

Ground coffee for moka pots must have a specific particle size, which is not always respected, even and especially by large companies!

Over the years I have tested a lot of coffees, measuring their grain size with special tools that I have in Roasting, and most brands sell ground too fine!

  • The second reason lies in cleanliness. If you do not wash the coffee shop in the right way, by dint of using it, the holes in the filter become blocked, preventing the coffee from being extracted correctly.

Let's focus on this second point!

How to clean the moka pot after each use

For daily cleaning, just rinse it under warm running water, with the help of a sponge, without detergents or detergents.

Then wait until it is completely dry before reassembling it, otherwise humidity would be created which in the long run would cause the proliferation of molds.

How to clean the moka once a week

If you are a lover of moka pot coffee and therefore use this tool every day, perhaps even several times a day, it would be good to clean it once a week more thoroughly.

How? Soon said!

Disassemble the entire moka pot, including the gasket and shower head.

The gasket is that silicone ring on the base of the collector and you will see that as soon as you remove it, the shower will fall together. The hand shower plays the role of filter, and is a small perforated metal saucer.

Now immerse all parts in warm water, with two large teaspoons of baking soda and a little vinegar for a couple of hours.

After this time, rinse each part thoroughly and brew two cups of empty coffee to remove any residual material and odors.

To clean the shower even more thoroughly, therefore our filter, just pour the water into the boiler as you normally do to prepare coffee, adding a teaspoon of baking soda and a drop of vinegar.

Then pour another teaspoon of bicarbonate into the filter, that is the piece in which we normally insert the ground coffee, and close the coffee maker.

Put the mocha on the stove and wait for the extraction to finish.

As in the first case, before using it again, do a couple of vacuum extractions.

NB. If you see clogged holes when you take the shower and look at it against the light, it is a good idea to remove the coffee encrustations with a pin.

How to clean the external stains and encrustations of the mocha

Just prepare a solution consisting of ¾ of bicarbonate and a part of water.

Then vigorously rub the entire external surface of the coffee maker. Finally, rinse everything under running water.

Pay attention to the gasket!

We don't often pay attention to each other, but the coffee maker, between the boiler and the collection tank, right where we are going to screw the two parts, has a gasket.

This is essential, as it allows the mocha to be watertight, avoiding any leakage of liquid during extraction and also ensuring perfect adherence between the two parts.

This is why it must always be in perfect condition!

To verify this, you need to:

  • Observe it, the color must never be brown or even black;
  • Touch it, it must be soft and supple. If it is dry, the time has come to change it. Be careful then that if it is really very dry it crumbles, and the pieces of rotten silicone can be found in the cup!

To change it, simply replace the worn gasket with a new one, which can be purchased in every supermarket.



Why clean the moka pot?

As mentioned at the beginning, cleaning is essential to obtain an almost perfect extracted coffee!

You can choose the best coffee in the world and follow the correct steps, but if the mocha is dirty, encrusted, even with mold and with a dry seal, the coffee in the cup will be simply bitter, with hints of empyheumatic (burnt, ash and eraser).

Would you ever go to eat in a restaurant where the chef never cleans the pan in which he blows the pasta with sauce, so that it remains soaked in the taste of the food?

Not me! This is why it is a good rule to clean the mocka pot!

We are waiting for you on ABCoffee with all our articles to discover the whole world of coffee!

Martina Mazzoleni 

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