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Dark roast is no quality at all

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Dark roast is no quality at all

The degree of roasted coffee is one of the most important elements in determining coffee characteristics. We have already seen how the taste of coffee is the result of the type of coffee (arabica or robusta), its origin, the harvesting metodologies and the processing methods and even grinding, but it is undeniable that roasting also has a fundamental effect on the result in the cup.

Caffè Ernani uses only quality beans, essentially free of defects, and therefore does not need to use roasting techniques that are primarily intended to hide these defects. Indeed, Caffè Ernani roasts its coffees so as to bring out the specific and high quality of each individual origin and to achieve these results we choose a medium roasting technique.

We can find out what this means, describing the coffee visual characteristics according to the type of roasting and remembering that during roasting, the beans undergo a complicated chemical process, which also, but of course not only, affects their color and leakage of oils from the same beans.

When it comes to roasting for espresso, on the basis of the color and the presence of oils on the surface of roasted beans, it is possible to distinguish:

– light roasting: the beans appear light brown and do not have any oils on the surface. They are characterized by greater acidity;
– medium roasting: brown tones are medium and the oils are not visible on the surface. This roasting is more respectful of the characteristics of the coffee and allows the relevant qualities to emerge while at the same time ensuring an adequate balance between aromas and acidity. A medium roasted coffee does not reach the second crack;
– dark roast, otherwise called Italian roasting: the brown of the beans is dark, almost black and the oils, which are on the surface, are clearly visible. Bitterness dominates the features of this coffee by fading every other feature during the second crack phase. In the Italian tradition, dark roasting is best suited for espresso extraction.

At this point, you will wonder why we do not use dark roasting and the answer is simple: if we were to use low-quality origins, we would be forced to dark roast beans so as to hide their negative characteristics, but since we invest a lot in finding top quality coffees we want to clear their way to express their positive features and in fact we do everything to make the reach their potential.

Now you know why our coffee looks so different from the other Italian coffees you are used to and you also know why espresso coffees are usually all bitter and why dark roasting is normally considered the most suitable for espresso.

From now on, never forget to look at the coffee that is waiting to be ground at your local bars and beware of too dark and oily coffees. If anybody tells you that tradition requires beans to be dark roasted to have a quality espresso, you know now that it is not true at all, in fact, dark roasting serves only to make bad beans drinkable but certainly not pleasing.

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