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There are always so many coffees in the Ernani shop that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right coffee for us…

Therefore, with this article I want to help you orient yourself to our online site.

But not only that.

I’m also here to recommend the perfect coffees for you and help you spot them with ease!

The first tip

Before we begin with data, information, options, and more there is one piece of advice that is always helpful to anyone reading:

Download Ernani’s Guide to recognizing quality coffee: before, during and after tasting!
Iscriviti alla nostra Newsletter e scarica la Guida gratis!

In fact, in the Guide you will find the most useful information to start approaching the world of coffee and understanding its highlights, such as:

  • Where it grows and especially what coffee is;
  • The different flavors you can find in the cup depending on the processing done to the beans;
  • Explanation on Toasting and the different results whether light, medium or dark;
  • How to recognize quality coffee in complete autonomy, at home as well as at the coffee shop.

The Guide is quick and easy, totaling 14 pages, in which you can find all the information listed above, along with lots of photos and tips!

It is free, so why not download it?

N.B. On your first coffee purchase, the Guide will come to you in hard copy for free!

Now let’s talk about the Toasting

We at Ernani Coffee are Roasters, so talking about this topic is essential!

Coffee quality, as you will discover from the Guide, depends on so many variables. One of these is precisely the roasting process, an essential step in order to be able to prepare coffee and, above all, to bring out all the qualities and incredible aromas contained within the beans while still raw.

In short.

We at Ernani Coffee have chosen the Medium Roast.


Dark roasting is too often used to hide the flaws that low-quality raw coffee can have.

Defects may be, for example, spoiled or moldy coffee beans with negative odors of jute, standing water, and mold, or even taste of rubber, wood, tar, or ash, not to mention rotten or unripe beans.

Roasting the coffees so much hides the defects with the strong bitterness. For this reason then the client is forced to resort to sugar….

Doing so, however, also eliminates any possible merits, that is, all the possible positive and natural scents or aromas of coffee.

At Ernani Coffee, on the contrary, we make a careful selection of raw beans and choose only those of high quality and without defects.

In this way we can afford to roast our coffees at a Medium level, bringing out all the natural aromas and flavors.

With Medium Roast, each blend and single-origin will have well-defined and maximally enhanced aromas, perfectly differentiating one from the other!

If you want to learn more about Toasting I recommend:

Instead, these are reviews from customers who have already tried the Medium Roast coffee:

Claudio T.
Top in everything
Read More
They deserve kudos with every purchase: tops for customer service, for the product they sell, for ultra-fast shipping, for initiatives. If you are not familiar with them and love coffee: remedy and place an order now.
Joseph Platania
Excellent quality.
Read More
For many years my wife and I have been passionate about high-quality coffee, to the point of using a historic machine like the Faema E61. We tasted numerous blends and decided that 100% Arabica, no sugar in the cup is the preferred choice. We recently discovered your selection and must compliment you on the high quality of coffee and roasting. Exactly the flavor we look for in the best coffees. The order acceptance service and delivery time were also perfect. We will certainly purchase your exquisite coffee again. Joseph Platania.
Gianlu Italy
Read More
Efficiency, friendliness and sympathy. This Company makes you discover the taste of good coffee. The choice of blends is so wide that it becomes difficult to choose one in particular, my solution is to taste them all before making a final choice
Sara Beltrami
Extraordinary purchased single-origin products.
Read More
The medium roast enhances a lot: exceptional smell and taste and leaves a very good mouthfeel, pleasant for a long time.
Pleasant discovery
Read More
I've been a customer for a short time and honestly I'm doing very well. Ease of choice through the very comprehensive site. Quick delivery. Excellent coffee quality: after the first order I wanted to buy a pack of emblazoned brand at the supermarket to feel the difference, and there is no comparison. The chat works very well and responses are timely. I would like to find faults so as not to spoil my reputation as a grouch but at the moment I can't think of anything. Highly recommended company!

Now we come to the salient moment….

How do I choose the right coffee?

I know, it’s hard-you have to choose from as many as 13 different coffees.

So if you don’t want to buy them all and find out one by one, which I always recommend, here are some tools to help you!

The first is a very easy quiz to take on our website:

just answer just 3 simple questions and we will give you the result right away with the coffee best suited to your personal taste!

If the quiz is not enough and you would like to have a way to compare all the coffees side by side, you can use our comparisons of blends and single-origins.

While the available formats are:
  • For blends: 1kg packages in beans, 250g packages in beans or ground, Nespresso-compatible capsules of 20 or 200 pieces;
  • For Blue Diamond, Allegro, Vivace and Adagio (dek) only, 150-piece paper wafers are also available;
  • While for single-origin, 250g packages are available in bean or ground form.
If you opt for ground coffee, these are the different options to choose from:
  • Espresso, if you use the home or professional espresso machine
  • Mocha, if you precisely use the traditional mocha
  • Neapolitan, if you prefer “cuccumella”
  • And then there are the other grinds for those of you who use brewing methods, such as: French Press, Cold Brew, Chemex, V60, Clever, Syphon, etc.
Finally, I write you some quick and practical tips for choosing coffee:
  • If you love sour and very fragrant coffees, choose a single-origin or 100% Arabica;
    • Of these just described, if you prefer sweetness, opt for India or Brazil;
    • If you prefer acidity instead, choose Ethiopia or Blue Diamond;
    • Finally if you love somewhere in between the first two options, choose Women’s Coffee, Colombia or Guatemala;
  • If you are always looking for aromatic but less acidic coffees, the Allegro is the one;
  • If you want a very creamy and sweet coffee, Harmony is great;
  • If you love slightly more bitter coffees than those described above, buy the Vivace;
  • If you love very bitter and creamy coffees with a reduced flavor range, the Strait is the one for you;
  • Finally, if you don’t want caffeine, choose Adagio, our decaffeinated coffee.

Below you will directly find our products for purchase!

And if you still have any doubts, write to me!

I am available both in the chat here in the lower right corner.


Cell. +39 375 6879940


Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Method of purchase, payment and delivery

We arrived at the time of purchase and shipping.

First of all.

You will be able to purchase our products as a single purchase, or as a subscription.

In fact, if you already know your favorite coffees and your average monthly consumption, you can place the order just once by activating the subscription and we will take care of everything else until you want to suspend or cancel it without any obligation or limit.

We then accept a variety of payment methods:
  • Mastercard and Visa
  • American Express
  • Paypal
  • Satispay
  • Advance bank transfer

You will be the one to choose the best one for you, at no extra cost ever!

Instead, the shipping methods are:
  • Express courier with delivery to your home or InPost courier to your nearest pick-up point, always free of charge above € 55.00 order;
  • If, on the other hand, the order is less than €55.00, express courier to the home costs €7.50, while InPost courier to the pickup point costs €4.50;
  • Or choose free pickup at our Roasting Laboratory in Desio, Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 19 (MB);
  • Or free pickup at our coffee shop “Torrefazione Ernani” in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

Delivery is always possible throughout Italy and also to countries within the European Union.

Check here for your area and the cost of shipping outside Italy

Finally, shipping is within 24 working hours after the order is placed, and delivery will be within 24/48 working hours.

You will then be able to have coffee delivered to your home even after only 1 day after ordering!

(3/5 working days for countries in the European Union)

Here is what Ernani customers write about our service:

Maurizio Maggi
Great coffee easy to order
Read More
The site is easy to use, and contains much useful information about coffee in general and the various blends available for purchase. Delivery of the order is accurate and quick. I happened to order all ground products for mocha and one in beans; they wrote to me to ask for confirmation and indeed it was my mistake, very kind. Finally, coffee, we drink it without sugar otherwise the aroma is stifled, preferring smooth flavors that leave "the taste in the mouth." We only drink ernani in the house now, and I also use it to make a few freebies for friends and acquaintances.
Beatrice Raccanello
Exquisite coffee and very short time delivery
Read More
Top company. Not only is the coffee great, but the service is fantastic. Once we placed the order, the coffee arrived in just 2 days. Efficiency and quality for exquisite coffee!
Read More
Excellent support for online purchasing
Coffee+ customer service
Read More
The coffee is great but Martina's customer service is superb
Riccardo Zigliani
Online order
Read More
On the quality of the product there is no question, it is excellent. The home delivery service is excellent and on time.


By now you have all the useful information, I’ll just write down three more things that may be of interest to you.

If you are a coffee enthusiast or if you are not yet familiar with this immense world but would like to learn more about it, my advice is to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Once a week you will receive an email with the article of the week precisely, so you can stay up-to-date and not miss any news or trivia!

Iscriviti alla nostra Newsletter e scarica la Guida gratis!

We are also very active on various social media with small posts and videos that step by step tell every facet of coffee!


If you want to touch the world of coffee, like a real professional, we are waiting for you at our Ernani Academy!

I hope I was helpful to you!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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