Perfect gift ideas for a coffee lover and beyond!

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Surprise a coffee lover with a gift designed especially for him and his taste buds!

Introducing lots of new coffee-scented gift ideas for the winter holidays!

You will be able to buy some things online, while others at the Ernani Roasting House in Milan!

Let’s start right away with the products that can be purchased directly online!

Online Gift Ideas

For a coffee lover actually everything on the Ernani Coffee Shop is desirable, as we, as roasters, focus indelibly on the quality of our raw materials, meticulous attention to the processes of cooking and processing them, and end up with incredibly aromatic, intense and always creamy coffee.

Especially, it would be great to be able to give several unique tasting experiences with our single-origin Specialty coffees, so as to give people the opportunity to try for the first time unprecedented flavors and aromas that we never expected to find within an extracted coffee.

So as just mentioned definitely opt for our Monorigines, you can find them below:

Or even better give an experience!

Check out all of Ernani Academy’s courses, for professionals and individuals, with many exciting opportunities to fully discover the world of coffee in its entirety and be able to touch it while having fun together!

As we now turn to products designed especially for the holidays!

Ernani Panettone

Our most loyal customers know, at Christmas time the Ernani Panettone with coffee and white chocolate chips cannot be missing from the table.

A flavor explosion that never leaves anyone indifferent!

Served for more than 20 years at Torrefazione Ernani in Milan, now also available online to reach you throughout Italy and EU territories.

Over the years, more than 8,000 Ernani Coffee Panettoni have been sold, satisfying as many thousands of people!

Ernani Gift Basket

A box decorated thematically and closed with bows made strictly by hand by me, Martina, and my colleague Claudia, containing two different blends:

  • Blue Diamond, the 100% Arabica blend that won the 2022 Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting
  • Christmas blend, of the two the creamier and sweeter, perfect for accompanying dessert after a hearty meal!
  • Along with the two blends will then also be a Mug Ernani Made in Italy
  • As well as the Official Guide to learning how to recognize a quality coffee in complete autonomy, before, during and after tasting.

A perfect kit for tasting coffee and in the process discovering more about it!

Christmas Blend

A coffee with a round body, intense and driven by the sweetness of ripe fruit to the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Notes of ripe fruit, such as plums and strawberries, are immediately noticeable on the palate, giving a great sweetness capable of surprising anyone. This is then balanced by the more intense notes of dark chocolate, which lend a pleasant bitterness. On the other hand, acidity is absent precisely to make the mixture appreciated and incredibly tasty for everyone around the party table!

This blend is almost reminiscent of a mouth-watering flavored hot chocolate, with light scents of almond, cinnamon and hazelnut.

These products above are available online at our website

Deliveries are available throughout Italy and all European Union territories.

As we now turn to the selection of products available at Torrefazione Ernani in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

Gift Ideas from Torrefazione Ernani in Milan.

Obviously what has been said so far, so Ernani Coffee Panettone and the Christmas Blend can be purchased at Torrefazione in Milan, exactly as online.

However, there are so many other gift ideas!

As you can see from the photos above there is no shortage of ideas!

At Torrefazione you can find an almost endless selection of baskets designed specifically as Gifts for the Holidays.

N.B. These pictured above are just some of the ones you can find.

All baskets are strictly handmade, starting with the choice of the container, then the basket in many different sizes, and then going on to fill it with ever-changing confectionery products.

In general you will be able to find baskets from €11.00, designed as gifts for colleagues and acquaintances, to richer ones at €75.00, for important gifts to your closest friends and family members.

Inside you will be able to find:
  • Baskets with many different types of coffee, to give as gifts to lovers of the dark bean, to continue the tasting every day with surprising types and tastes
  • Baskets with coffee pairings, jams, honeys and chocolates
  • Baskets divided between confectionery and gifts, such as mugs, coffee mugs and breakfast mugs
  • Other baskets include teas, teapots and filters, for those who prefer infusions and herbal teas instead
  • You will then also find gadgets for different extractions, filters, extraction tools, cookies, hot chocolates and so on
  • To end with baskets containing the different extraction tools, such as chemex, V60, Brew bottle, scales, brewing-specific kettles, Aeropress, and more

So many are ready for you, just choose your favorite!

But it’s not over yet…

If you don’t find exactly what you were looking for, all Saturdays and Sundays you can request them customized and tailored for you. You will talk directly with me, Martina, or my colleagues Claudia and Monia, to choose together the starting basket, the products that will be included and the colors of the ribbons!

The possibilities as you can see are really many and have no limit!

If you want to make personalized gifts that are sure to be appreciated by everyone, we are waiting for you in our online shop or in our Torrefazione Ernani in Milan!

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Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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