Brazilian Women’s Specialty Coffee, signed by Ernani Coffee.

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Two weeks ago we had introduced the IWCA, which is the International Women in Coffee Alliance.

Instead, today we present the single-origin Specialty coffee belonging to the circuit: the Brazilian Women’s Coffee signed by Ernani Coffee.

Because the association not only promotes and publicizes the importance of supply chain sustainability, but also makes a concrete commitment to support the meticulous work done in the coffee’s countries of origin.

In addition, this Friday, March 8, as you know, will be International Women’s Day, so we wanted to take advantage of this date to let the widest possible audience know about the Association and its projects and concrete help, along with our Café.

For this reason, Caffè delle Donne will be available online at the Ernani Coffee Shop and in Torrefazione Ernani in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20. Here you can either buy it for home or as a gift, or taste it in espresso.

Along with each package sold, we will combine a descriptive flyer about the Alliance and coffee, so you know exactly what it is and why it has such great value in the industry!

Description of “Women’s Cafe”

A socio-sustainable coffee with a sensual and feminine flavor profile, grown, harvested and processed by women.

Women’s Coffee is a single-origin from the Cachoeira farm in Brazil, grown, harvested, and processed from a pink plantation adhered to the IWCA.

More specifically, it is a Brazilian Santos, from the Minas Gerais area, famous for the high quality of coffees produced.

The larger cursor on the map below indicates exactly which region our coffee comes from. While the other sliders show the other coffee-growing areas of Brazil.

Everywhere, more and more women are becoming an essential part of the bean processing, occupying positions of power and revolutionizing the coffee world. To date, an estimated 70 percent of the workforce in the countries of origin is employed by women, and 25 percent of plantations are managed by women entrepreneurs.

Giving them importance and value by providing better social, economic and working conditions is no longer just important, it is crucial.

But back to us…

The Brazilian Santos Women’s Coffee selected by Ernani grows at an altitude of about 1000m asl, thus giving off pleasant and sweet aromas, which we will see in detail below.

The fruits, containing our kernels, are harvested with extreme care through picking, that is, hand picking drupe by drupe, selecting only those that are ripe at the right point, and processed afterwards using the washed method. Then the growers remove the husk and pulp in order to place the beans inside clean water pots to ferment. Finally, the grains are left to dry in the sun.

This will bring increased freshness and aromaticity during extraction.

It presents sweet notes of almond and red fruits, which are then balanced by a fresh and pleasant tartaric acidity, reminiscent of pink grapefruit.

Balancing this are softer notes of cocoa and nuts.

Suitable for

Those who seek a high-quality, fresh, fruity and citrusy single-origin Arabica, as well as socio-sustainable and Specialty coffee certified.

Compare it to other single-origin Ernani below!

Extraction tips


Espresso extract we recommend a dose of 8.5/9g per person, to obtain an intense and creamy cup, and a water temperature of 93°C.

With this method the more acidic notes are enhanced, in addition to the development of a vast, intense and amazing aromatic profile.

Mocha pot

The coffee in this case is more sweet than acidic, with even a very slight hint of bitterness, absent in the espresso.

N.B. remember never to press the coffee inside the mocha filter and never to make the “mound” either! These steps do not make the coffee more intense, only more bitter and with a burnt aftertaste.

The coffee in the filter just needs to be leveled!

Paper filter

If extracted in a filter, the sweet notes are enhanced even more, while the acidity is more balanced. The aromatic notes of fruit in this case dominate the cup.

We recommend a Brew Ratio of 64g of mince to 1L of water and a temperature of 92°C.

Ernani Coffee and IWCA_Italy

We on the Ernani Coffee team strongly believe in gender equality.

In fact, our administrator is actually a woman: Claudia, without whom the whole machine could not move, an essential figure of the whole big family and a point of reference for the team, to say the least.

The other female figures are: Monia, Assistant Manager of Ernani’s Torrefazione in Milan; Alma, a great barista; Martina, a counter and cashier who is not yet 20 years old but already shows great professionalism, always working in Torrefazione.

And finally there’s me, Martina, Marketing, Social Media and E-commerce manager, passionate about coffee and especially proud to be part of this team, ready to prove how much us girls are worth in the business world.

We became members of the Alliance from the first day the Italian chapter opened in 2022. Since this year then I also actively help in the social media management of @iwca_italia. Follow us to find out about all the 2024 projects!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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