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The best of flavor, body, cream and aroma.

Why we like it

It’s all in the name: it is ment to be prepared and sipped immediately

How to make your coffee

  • For a single espresso, grind exactly 7 grams of Ernani coffee
  • Place your ground coffee in the portafilter and lightly tap the side of the handle to level the coffee
  • Apply 20 kg of pressure until the coffee has an even look
  • Place the portafilter in the grouphead and start a 25 second extraction with water temperature at 90° and 9 bars.
  • The extraction will start with a slow drip but will soon evolve into an even stream leading 25 ml of coffee in your cup.

Tips and tricks

  • Coffee must be fresh
  • Thickness of the ground is determined in relation to extraction time and amount of poured coffee. If it takes 25 seconds to extract 25 ml of espresso coffee, than the coffee grind is right.
  • Use pre-heated ceramic espresso cups.
  • The cream should be uniform and 2-3 mm thick
  • The texture should look similar to granulated sugar


Want to know something more?

  • Lay down the portafilter on a level surface covered with a high density rubber mat and apply pressure
  • The texture tells a lot about the espresso quality. If it’s too fine, it will probably be a slow, over extracted espresso, bitter and burnt. If it’s too course it will probably be a under extracted espresso with a watery consistency and sour

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