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Nespresso compatible capsules

It is less full-bodied than espresso, but with great aromatic variety.

Why we like it

It is very practical and allows to vary your coffee in an instant.

How to make your coffee

The coffee included in our capsules is roasted and ground to be extracted according to a specific extraction ratio, i.e. the amount of water compared to the amount of coffee. In particular, in the short extraction, the correct ratio is respected when the coffee in your cup weighs as follows:

  • Blue Diamond: 26/28 grams
  • Allegro: 22/24 grams
  • Vivace: 20/22 grams
  • Adagio: 22/24 grams

To make sure you reach these weights, we suggest that you programme your machine as follows:

  • put the capsule in the machine;
  • put the cup you regularly use on an electronic scale and the scale on the machine;
  • reset the scale;
  • press and hold the short pull button exactly until the scale indicates the right weight of grams for your blend. If want to want to set it right for all blends, you could seti t at 23 grams using an Allegro capsule.

The same procedure can be followed for the long extraction, by pressing the relative key and keeping it pressed until the scale indicates the weight of 40 grams.

Tips and tricks

  • Remember that our capsules are designed for a short extraction, unless it is specifically indicated on the package;
  • To make sure the machine is hot enough before proceeding with the extraction, turn on the machine and do not put the capsule inside. Press, but not hold down, the short extraction key and let the hot water flow for at least 5 seconds. To stop the flow, press the short extraction key again.
  • Shake the capsule before inserting it into the machine.
  • After extracting your coffee, run hot water for another five seconds to clean the machine.

Want to know something more?

  • Your coffee is 90% made of water and to have an ideal coffee it would be ideal to use water with low sodium, calcium and magnesium content.

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