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Flip Coffee Pot

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Flip Coffee Pot

Flip Coffee Pot

A light body coffee but tasteful

Why we like it

It is a true ritual in neapolitan houses, slow.

How to make your coffee

Grind 5 to 6 grams of your Ernani coffee for every cup.
Loosely fill the tank with the ground coffee, distribute it gently with a spoon but do not press coffee down.
Screw the filter on the tank.
Fill the base pot with cold water, not higher than the small hole.
Insert the coffee tank with the filter.
Screw the two sections of the flip coffee pot.
Place the neapolitan pot on fire, spout downwards, until water is heated to boiling.
In that moment, remove the pot from the fire holding it from both handles and turn it upside down firmly so that the hot water passes through the filter with the ground coffee, collecting the filtered bevarage in the lower portion. Filtering takes around 3/4 minutes

Tips and tricks

  • The coffe grind must thinner than the Bialetti pot grind.
  • Water is heated to boiling when steam and first drops of water are released from the small hole.
  • Wash the neapolitan pot in warm water and dry it.

Never use a detergent to clean the pot, water will do it.

Want to know something more?

  • This extraction process needs more time and experience than the Bialetti moka pot and brings with law pressure to a light body coffee that is tasteful.

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