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Here you will have your espresso extracted and served fast, standing at the bar, but it’s great!

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Here you will have your espresso extracted and served fast, standing at the bar, but it’s great!

Hi Nicola, your experience in the historical roastery of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan is very long and you’ve always witnessed a lot of attention not only for the quality of the blends but also for the constant improvement and optimization of the service.

I have seen many changes but an element has always remained constant over time, the affection of our customers and our attention to their experience. Our roastery has been active since 1909 and we can not even forget for a moment the long tradition we are part of.

What is the most difficult aspect to handle?

Our cafè is very popular in Milan but everyone knows that even when this place is crowded, we always serve very rapidly a good espresso at the bar. We  often hear that our cafè is the place to go for a good, but fast, coffee. It seems to us that this experience represents at best the Italian espresso. Many tourists come here for this reason.

Ho can you handle this high requests and at the same time keep the quality of coffee high?

High consumption is often considered an obstacle to quality of service. It seems to me an excuse to extract coffee in a non-professional way and hide a not really optimal quality of the blends. We, however, are very focused on the consistency of the result and this requires extensive knowledge of espresso coffee and extraction techniques, and constant attention from all baristas who work here over the day.

What is the secret?

We do not waste a single moment, because we have to do a lot of operations in a matter of seconds. Some time ago, some not very experienced baristas used to forget some steps, such as cleaning the lance or the filter-holder, or cleaning up the group between an extraction and the other and the customers immediately realized that something was wrong. They do not accept these mistakes and we do not accept them first.

But how do you succeed?

The close collaboration between the baristas, between those who take care of the coffee extractor and those at the bar. Do not think it’s easy for the latter: it’s even harder for them to hold on to pressure because they can not let go even for a moment. We are not content to serve an excellent coffee, we also do our best to welcome all our affectionate clients.

You are describing war machines!

There are times when we too are surprised of our results, but we are not content yet. We always want to improve.

And how do you do it?

All the baristas spend time in the roastery to know the green coffee, the qualities of our blends, to taste them and perfect the extraction technique and then share between us the secrets. In this you can notice the great attention of Caffè Ernani for details, they see us as the first ambassadors of the great work that is done behind the scenes.

Do you use on demand coffee grinders?

As of now, we are not using on demand grinders but we are going to introduce them at the side of those with a dispenser. The main blends do not need the on demand grinder, but we want to widen the possibility of sampling even the less important blends and the single-origin coffees, so we are going to be equipped.

Are you afraid that this will have an impact on your ability to serve good espresso in no time?

Absolutely not, at Caffè Ernani we leave nothing to chance and also an apparently banal passage as this is carefully studied.

Thanks for this talk and good job!

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