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A relationship of

We are happy to create a partnership with you and your distribution business or part of the sector. Along with an excellent product, we want to offer you quality services and benefits that will make tasting each Caffè Ernani a unique experience for all your customers.

Those who enter the Ernani world can rely on a dedicated team: knowledgeable, experienced, professional, and above all, passionate about the world of coffee.

We believe that this professional ethic is the guide for building a strong and transparent relationship that will make Caffè Ernani even more important to the success of your business.

Our coffee

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An excellent product ...

We select the best origins from around the world that give personality and quality to our coffee, and roast them with great care to bring out the maximum aromatic notes and sweetness.

Thus every coffee will always be an authentic Ernani.

... which deserves an excellent bartender!

In addition to assisting you and solving any problems and unforeseen issues, we are also committed to being there for you by providing ongoing training and updates on espresso machine and coffee machine use, cleaning, and maintenance.

As we all know, the coffee supply chain is a very long chain, consisting of many links. Serving your customers the best espresso possible requires that each individual link is well aware of its importance and conscious of the role it plays. Each of us belonging to this supply chain must do our best to create a worthy end product.

Courses and insights are organized upon request and according to the needs of our clients.

They can range from simple and pure knowledge of the subject matter, raw or roasted coffee and its characteristics, to training in how to use all typical bar equipment in the most correct way, to tasting or brewing courses.

We at Ernani look forward to working with you, building a relationship based on trust and transparency!

Other 3 good reasons to choose us

The packages

Our packages are as important as their contents.
They are designed to keep the organoleptic characteristics of our coffees intact.

Our pouches allow coffee to degas without oxidizing due to the one-way valve and controlled atmosphere of food-grade nitrogen that maintains freshness and flavor.

Our labels comprehensively communicate product characteristics, providing all the information needed to identify the coffee that best satisfies the end customer’s taste.

Internal technical assistance

We directly take care of the installation of the espresso equipment in your café, and we also directly carry out technical support if any breakdowns or anomalies occur on the equipment offered by us on loan.

Technical assistance is provided during exercise time slots, with very rapid interventions. Our goal is to help you in your business by trying to solve every possible equipment problem as quickly as possible. We know how much discomfort even a minor malfunction of your work tools can cause you and your clients.

You will no longer have to call switchboards or see a different mechanic come in all the time. Join the Ernani family!

In fact, for us at Ernani, listening and great helpfulness to the customer are key ingredients in being able to offer excellent quality service. That’s why we make ourselves available every day of the year.

The passion for coffee never sleeps!

Complementary products and exclusive merchandising

To take a break from coffee or make its tasting even more special, we provide you with a variety of complementary products of exceptional quality:

  • Other drinks:
    Tea, infusions, chamomile, chocolate, cold creams sugars and sweeteners
  • Barley, ginseng and special blends
In addition

We offer you an impactful image that allows you to better enrich and personalize your bar or that of your customers.

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