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Kinder surprise eggs inspired our capsules

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Kinder surprise eggs inspired our capsules

We admit it, we love Kinder suprise eggs. We love the sweet milk chocolate and the yellow plastic eggs holding the surprise. Funny and easily accessible, they conceal the taste of surprise, melting in a small daily pleasure. Just as the espresso or, even better, as capsules.

As Ferrero wanted to give children the excitement of a small Easter egg every day, capsules give everyone the chance to drink in a few moments, even when there is no cafè around, a creamy coffee that reminds an espresso.

Surprise eggs are not Easter eggs and coffee extracted from capsules is not an espresso, but they are both always available, easily accessible and entertaining.

On top of that, through capsules everybody have become accustomed to compare coffees: coffee may be more or less bitter, acid, full-bodied, sweet, fragrant. Here is the game and the surprise, the pleasure of tasting new coffees and discussing with friends why one is better than the other.

Making a coffee with the bialetti moka pot becomes a true act of love for family and guests if compared with the simple preparation of a capsule, but only a true coffee lover can have more than a blend. With the capsules, even become passionate for coffee is simpler.

And if you are becoming a coffee lover why not try, taste, compare and offer to your guests capsules that contain really good coffee? And why not produce it? Caffè Ernani has taken up the challenge and worked to offer really good coffees in capsules because we want to be more and more at your side in everyday life. Just like surprise eggs.

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