150 paper pods ESE

I maestri della tostatura media

150 paper pods ESE

200 mix or one flavor capsules!

40,0047,00 / 3 months


Compostable ESE paper pods have finally arrived at Ernani!

The Ernani coffee pods are of high quality for these reasons:
  • Inside them you will find as much as 7.8 g of coffee and not the 7 / 7.2 g as in most pods on the market.
  • The coffee inside is Medium Roast, so let yourself be surprised by a great aromatic variety, intense and above all never excessively bitter!
  • All origins of the blends are carefully selected and free of defects.
  • The single-origins are separately roasted and thereafter blended in order to maximize the single coffee origines aromas, using a specific roasting curve for each bean!

Make every cup unique!

ESE paper pods are perfect for:
  • Your restaurant – offer your customers coffee without having to have as many grinders available without waste and without complications!
  • On top of that the pod machine consumes much less!
  • Your catering agency: all you need is the waffle maker and a power socket, you don’t need anything else to make great coffee!
  • Your home! If you love espresso, but don’t have the space for a professional espresso machine and grinder, pods are just the thing!
  • Your office: offer your employees, suppliers and customers a great coffee, always fresh and with an amazing aroma profile, in the easiest way possible: pods!
Ernani coffee pods are available in 4 types of coffee:
  1. Choose Blue Diamond if you want a premium blend that encompasses the characteristics and aromas of four single-origins, with hints of fruit and nuts, citrus, honey and chocolate – 100% Arabica;
  2. Choose Allegro if you want a blend with a higher percentage of Arabica coffee, with sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnuts, and a rounded body;
  3. Choose Vivace if you want a creamy, intense and full-bodied blend, dominated by a pleasant bitterness;
  4. Choose Adagio (dek) if you want a single-origin, aromatic and full-bodied, caffeine-free – decaffeinated blend.

Data sheet

All our blends are medium roasted. The quality raw coffee bean can thus express itself at its best, releasing all its natural aromas and making the coffee less bitter and more fragrant: try it even without sugar, it will be incredible!

Finally, every single capsule is self-protected in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere. In this way, an additional secondary packaging is not necessary to wrap each single capsule, but it is possible to insert up to 10 capsules in a single box. In addition, the coffee is thus protected from oxidation caused by oxygen, thus maintaining the aromatic complexity and the very taste of the coffee intact even after several months.


  • 200 Capsules compatible with Nespresso machines for domestic use (brand owned by Societe de Products Nestle SA)
  • Packaged in a protective nitrogen atmosphere
  • 1000 gr net weight

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