Adagio (dek)

I maestri della tostatura media

Adagio (dek)

Aromatic and intense decaffeinated

8,50 / month24,00 / 3 months



An aromatic, full-bodied, caffeine-free single-origin
Adagio coffee is a high-quality, decaffeinated Indian natural robusta single-origin.

The nose is intense with notes of cocoa, nuts and dates.

The taste is a coffee with strong notes of bitter cocoa and nuts, together with lighter hints of green tea leaves, dates and liquorice. While the acidity and sweetness are delicate.

Taking away the caffeine does not mean taking away the taste!

So amazing is the taste of the Adagio blend that you will not realise the difference with a non-decaffeinated coffee!

The decaffeination method used is dichloromethane, the most widely used and researched. In addition, the process patented by Demus, the laboratory where the removal of caffeine takes place, also makes the coffee decaffeinated, therefore lighter and more digestible.

In espresso we recommend a dose of about 7.5 g per person, to enhance the aromatic intensity, together with a round and enveloping body.

Suitable for

Who does not want caffeine in his coffee, without sacrificing taste

Data sheet

Aromatic notes Cocoa, nuts and dates
Intensity 8/10
Body 6,5/9
Sweetness 3/9
Bitterness 6,5/9
Acidity 1,5/9
Aroma intensity 6/9
Toasting Medium
Composition 100% sturdy
Origins India robust


Thanks to medium roasting, the carefully selected raw coffee bean can express itself to the fullest, releasing every natural aroma and never being overly bitter. Try it even without sugar, it will be amazing!

The coffee is stored inside a sealed bag, self-protected with a one-way valve, which allows the coffee to degas, without letting in oxygen, which would oxidize it. This makes it possible to keep the coffee beans fresh and aromatic even after several months.

In the case of capsules, each individual capsule is self-protected in a controlled atmosphere of food-grade nitrogen. In this way, there is no need for additional secondary packaging to wrap each individual capsule, creating unnecessary waste of material. In addition, the coffee is protected from oxidation caused by oxygen, thus keeping the aromatic complexity and the coffee taste itself intact even after several months.

Notes for the 1kg bean package:

  • Roasted coffee beans
  • 1000 gr net weight
  • Packed with one-way valve

Notes for the 250g bean package:

  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Packaged in food grade nitrogen protective atmosphere with one-way valve
  • 250 gr net weight and

Notes for 250g ground package:

  • Coffee roasted in beans and then grounded
  • Packaged in food grade nitrogen protective atmosphere with one-way valve
  • 250 gr net weight and

Notes for the 20-capsule package:

  • 20 Capsules compatible with Nespresso household machines (brand owned by Societe de Products Nestle SA)
  • Packaged in a protective nitrogen atmosphere
  • 110 gr net weight
  • Roasted coffee beans

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