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Allegro Caffè Ernani

Allegro 20 capsules


Natural sweetness meets a well defined body

The extraction gives this blend an intense hazelnut color cream and a round body and interesting flavors.

The immediate and lingering sweetness is perfectly balanced by a hint of acidity that gives freshness to a coffee with a nice load of gentle bitterness.

Tasting notes:

  • Cocoa
  • Hazelnut


  • Body 2/5
  • Sweetness 4/5
  • Bitterness 1/5
  • Acidity 3/5
  • Aromas 4/5


  • INDIA arabica
  • BRASIL arabica
  • COLOMBIA arabica
  • MEXICO arabica
  • INDIA robusta


  • 20 Capsules compatible with home machine Nespresso (registered trademark of Societe de Products Nestle SA)
  • Packaged under protective atmosphere
  • 100 gr net weight e

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