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Blue Diamond Beans

Blue Diamond 250gr beans


Sweet gentle acidity meets intense aroma

The espresso extraction gives this coffee a fine texture and a clean body with almost no bitterness. The pleasant acidity immediately leaves the scene to a marked and persistent sweetness, which remains in the memory along with a great aromatic variety.

Extracted with the Bialetti moka pot this blend of fine light bodied Arabicas brings out sweetness and interesting aromas accompanied by a refreshing acidity.

Tasting notes:

  • White Chocolate
  • Malt


  • Body 2/5
  • Sweetness 4/5
  • Bitterness 1/5
  • Acidity 3/5
  • Aromas 4/5


  • INDIA arabica
  • BRASIL arabica
  • COLOMBIA arabica
  • MEXICO arabica


  • Blend of roasted coffee beans
  • 250 gr net weight e
  • Packaged under protective atmosphere with unidirectional valve

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