Brazilian Bom Chocolate

I maestri della tostatura media

Brazilian Bom Chocolate

Coffee with intense cocoa notes, balanced and round-bodied

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Coffee with intense cocoa notes, balanced and with a rounded body.

The single-origin Santos Cerrado Bom chocolate from Brazil is a special gourmet coffee of Arabica quality.

Grown between 900 and 1000 m above sea level in the Cerrado region of Brazil.

This Santos Bom Chocolate is an Arabica processed by the natural method. This sun-drying process gives the coffee beans a moderate acidity, while accentuating the sweetness.

During the tasting you will experience sweet notes of cocoa and nuts, while on the finish there are delicate notes of red fruits, which bring a soft and delicate acidity, which is balanced by the sweetness and bitterness.

Suitable for

Those looking for a single origin of Arabica quality, but with a low acidity, pushed towards sweetness

Data sheet

Aromatic notes Cocoa and nuts
Intensity 6/9
Body 6/9
Sweetness 4,5/9
Bitterness 4/9
Acidity 5/9
Aroma intensity 6/9
Toasting Medium
Suitable for Those looking for a coffee of arabica quality, but with low acidity, predominantly sweet
Origins Brazil
Location Cerrado Region, Brazil
Altitude 900-1000m asl
Type of crop Picking
Type of processing Natural
Score 77/100
Crivello 17/18

Thanks to medium roasting, the carefully selected raw coffee bean can express itself to the fullest, releasing every natural aroma and never being overly bitter. Try it even without sugar, it will be amazing!

The coffee is stored inside a sealed bag, self-protected with a one-way valve, which allows the coffee to degas, without letting in oxygen, which would oxidize it. This makes it possible to keep the coffee beans fresh and aromatic even after several months.

Notes for the 250g bean package:

  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Packaged in food grade nitrogen protective atmosphere with one-way valve
  • 250 gr net weight and

Notes for 250g ground package:

  • Coffee roasted in beans and then grounded
  • Packaged in food grade nitrogen protective atmosphere with one-way valve
  • 250 gr net weight and

Coffee History

Today we travel to Brazil, the number one state for the quantity of coffee produced and sold in the world, and for this reason also one of the most consumed and well-known coffees!

In Brazil there are a multitude of crops, both large as far as the eye can see, which use industrial means and produce poor quality coffee, as well as micro-farms of Specialty Coffee.

In short, the coffee territory is vast and varied!


Arrival of coffee in the country

Coffee arrived in Brazil with European colonialism in 1727 in Parà, by the Portuguese sergeant Francisco de Melo Palheta from French Guiana.

The soldier hid the plant in a bouquet of flowers given to him as a farewell greeting by the wife of the governor of Guyana, in love with the Portuguese.

In this way he was able to plant the first coffee plant in Brazil!

The two departments known for producing quality coffee are the Cerrado region, where our Bom Chocolate comes from, and the Minas Gerais region southeast of the former.

Cultivation began around the 1970s, thanks to farmers who sought other regions outside the traditional ones, in which frosts arrived annually that ruined the entire harvest.



Minas Gerais was recognized as a cultivation area in 1970, when coffee became the most imported product of regional agriculture and in 2020 it was declared IP, i.e. it was recognized with the Indication of Origin brand.

Mappa con indicata in grande la zona caffeicola da dove Ernani prende il suo monorigine brasiliano ed in piccolo tutte le altre zone caffeicole del brasile

The Cerrado region, district of Minas Gerais, received the IP in 2005 and DO, therefore Denomination of Origin, since 2014.

This is characterized, as already mentioned, by the quality of the raw beans and by the unique climatic combinations.

Furthermore, the coffee plants here have intense and unique blooms, with uniform ripening of a concentrated crop, which together with a perfect definition of the climatic seasons with hot and humid summers and mild and dry winters.

A set of perfectly synchronized variables that create unique and ideal conditions for our beloved plant with bright red fruits.

The authentic Cerrado Mineiro coffee has intense aromas, with a caramel taste and hints of dried fruit, with a delicate citrus acidity and a preponderant flavor of very persistent chocolate.


In this pleasant and idyllic landscape, until the 19th century, coffee was used only for internal consumption, after which the US and European demand grew and then the massive export of the beans began.

Our Brazilian coffee comes precisely from the Cerrado region from a small plantation that called it Bom Chocolate, for its intense, round and enveloping chocolate taste.

This aromatic note is given by all the cocoa bean plants that surround the entire area of ​​cultivation.


The same coffee then leaves from the port of Santos, the classic name given to most Brazilian coffees, precisely because they leave from the same port, as well as the main one in the entire state.


I imagine Brazil as vast and with a magical view of hills and plateaus. The predominant color is certainly the green of the fields in contrast with the clear sky. 


Our Brasile Bom Chocolate is good in every extraction: from espresso, to moka to filter coffees for percolation and infusion.


Find out all the characteristics of coffee in the product description and have a good tasting!



Brazilian coffees, as already mentioned, are the best-selling in the world and the most widespread in Italian blends and there are truly fine coffees and poor quality beans full of defects.

For this reason, saying “Brazilian” coffee is very generic and has little meaning. We need to deepen the knowledge and origin of the coffee in question!

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