Stretto – 150 paper pods

I maestri della tostatura media

Stretto – 150 paper pods

An intense, full-bodied and energetic blend

Pack of 150 paper paper pods



A full-bodied, creamy robusta blend with lingering bitterness and rich caffeine.

The Stretto blend is composed of 100% robusta:

  • Tanzania Superior, robust natural
  • Congo Mombasa, robust natural
  • Ivory Coast, robust natural

Stretto is an intense, creamy, full-bodied blend created for those who want an extra boost in the morning, along with a more intense bitterness.

The nose has an intense aroma with notes of cocoa and nuts.

The taste is a coffee with distinct notes of bitter cocoa and nuts, along with lighter hints of pepper and licorice. In this mixture, acidity and sweetness are practically absent.

Suitable for

Chi cerca una miscela intensa, cremosa ed energetica

Data sheet

Aromatic notes Bitter cocoa, nuts, pepper and licorice
Intensity 9/10
Body 7,5/9
Sweetness 2,5/9
Bitterness 7,5/9
Acidity 1/9
Aroma intensity 6,5/9
Roasting Media
Composition 100% Robusta
Tanzania Superior robusta natural, Congo Mombasa robusta natural



Thanks to medium roasting, the carefully selected raw coffee bean can express itself to the fullest, releasing every natural aroma and never being overly bitter. Try it even without sugar, it will be amazing!

Notes for package of 150 wafers:

  • 150 Compostable ESE Waffles
  • 44mm diameter
  • 1125 gr net weight
  • Coffee roasted in beans and then grounded

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