Tasting box – 4 coffees

I maestri della tostatura media

Tasting box – 4 coffees

Take a sensory journey among the 4 different types of coffee!

+ discount code

33,00 / 3 months


Not sure which coffee to choose? Let us advise you!

We have created a Discovery Box for the occasion, containing 4 packs of 250 g coffee beans each.

Together with the Discovery Box you will also get a discount code, inserted in the package, for your next purchase!

You will find:

  • 1 Social/eco sustainable coffee, perfect for delving into the world of coffee;
  • 1 Single origin or a 100% Arabica blend, in order to understand what is meant by pleasant acidity in the cup and aromatic intensity, as well as the aromatic variety that these coffees express;
  • 1 Blend with a higher percentage of Arabica, in order to find out if the coffee best suited to your taste is the one with greater aromatic intensity and notable fragrance, balanced however by a soft bitterness and round body;
  • 1 Blend with a higher percentage of robusta or a 100% robusta blend, to find out whether the more intense, creamy coffees with more bitterness, as well as a higher caffeine content, are the most suitable for you!
With this box you can taste the 4 aromatic spectrums of coffee. You will discover which coffee is best suited to your taste!

Once discovered you will get a discount code to use on your next order!

Suitable for

Who is curious to discover the different flavors of coffee

Technical information

Thanks to medium roasting, the quality raw coffee bean can express itself at its best, releasing all its aroma, thus preferring sensations of sweetness and acidity over those of bitterness: try it even without sugar, it will be incredible!

The modern and compact box contains 4 packs of 250 g each of coffee beans.

Finally, the coffee is stored inside a sealed, self-protected bag bearing a one-way valve, which allows the coffee to breathe without allowing oxygen to enter and thus oxidize the coffee itself. This makes it possible to keep the coffee fresh and intensely aromatic even after several months.

Each package is prepared at the time of your order to ensure that you always get the freshest possible freshness, as if just toasted.


  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Packaged and sealed with one-way valve
  • 1000 gr net weight

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