Ernani panettone with coffee and dark chocolate drops

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Ernani panettone with coffee and dark chocolate drops

Ernani panettone with coffee and chocolate chips!


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Panettone by Ernani is back!!

The panettone loved by all our roasting customers in Milan for over ten years, is now also online!

Over 4000 Panettone sold, over 4000 satisfied customers.

The Panettone dough is made with a special mother yeast, which needs to be “reborn” every day. After which it is left to rest for 48 hours before being worked with exclusively artisanal methods.
This meticulous attention is also used for the selection of all the other ingredients and for the phases that lead to obtaining a dessert with an unmistakable taste.

The secret of Panettone Ernani lies in the perfect balance between all its ingredients, handled by expert and careful hands.

The dough is then enriched with dark chocolate chips. The result is a fantastic mix between the delicate bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the chocolate.

The handmade Panettone with coffee and chocolate is a real goodness to taste! Serve it at the table after a fantastic lunch and you will leave everyone speechless. There is no better way to receive compliments!

The surface is finally glazed and, as required by tradition, garnished with almonds and granulated sugar.

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