Caffè Ernani Jar

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Caffè Ernani Jar

The Ernani tin is the perfect companion for your coffee: beautiful and useful for storing it at its best!



Caution! The type of jar or container in which you store your coffee really makes a difference!

To preserve all its flavour and freshness, coffee should be stored in a non-transparent jar, as light accelerates the ageing process, altering its quality and freshness.

Instead, it is essential to keep it protected from air, humidity and heat, in order to preserve the aromatic and organoleptic characteristics for as long as possible.

Oxygen is in fact the element that most easily undermines the ideal conditions of coffee, since contact with air leads to oxidation of the bean with the consequent loss of volatile substances.

While heat makes coffee go rancid and humidity can lead to mould, since coffee is a hygroscopic product, i.e. it absorbs water.

All these characteristics are encapsulated within the product designed by Ernani, to enable you to store an excellent product in the best possible way. Without neglecting the usefulness, given by the compactness and convenience of the tin, however, containing up to 500gr of ground coffee or up to 20 capsules, as well as the elegance and linearity belonging to the values of the brand itself.

Furthermore, Ernani recommends storing it on a shelf in your pantry, away from heat sources such as the cooker and oven, and out of the fridge, as heat makes the coffee age faster, while humidity causes the bean’s aromas to be lost, as well as the possible growth of mould.

Data sheet

Dimensions 107 X 67 X 160 mm
Material Alluminium

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