Women’s coffee – Specialty Coffee

I maestri della tostatura media

Women’s coffee – Specialty Coffee

A socio-sustainable coffee with a sensual and feminine flavor profile, grown, harvested and processed by women.

Specialty Coffee


9,00 / month


Women’s Coffee is a single-origin from the Chachoeira farm in Brazil, grown, harvested and processed by a very special plantation that is part of an association: the IWCA, the International Women in Coffee Alliance.

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Everywhere, more and more women are becoming an essential part of the processing process, occupying positions of power and revolutionizing the world of coffee.

The IWCA is a global network that unites and supports the resourcefulness of millions of women around the world, operating in more than 22 countries.

The association has now added a new country in 2022: Italy!

In this way we ensure equal employment opportunities and protect women throughout the supply chain, showing ourselves as an active participant in achieving gender equality.

Brazil’s Santos Women’s Coffee grows at an altitude of about 1,000 m asl.

It is harvested with great care and processed by the natural method, then letting the drupes, containing the beans, dry in the sun. This will bring greater sweetness in the extraction stage, as well as giving greater body and cream to the drink.

It is a coffee with a complex and intriguing aroma, fully reflecting a feminine and sensual profile.

It presents sweet notes of almond and red fruits, which are then balanced by a fresh and pleasant tart acidity, reminiscent of yellow grapefruit.

Balancing this are softer notes of cocoa and spices.

Suitable for

Those looking for a balanced, fresh and particular single origin, as well as socio-sustainable

Data sheet

Aromatic notes Almond, red fruits, grapefruit and cocoa
Intensity 6/10
Body 5/9
Sweetness 4,5/9
Bitterness 4/9
Acidity 6/9
Aroma intensity 6/9
Toasting Medium
Suitable for Those looking for a balanced, fresh and distinctive coffee, as well as socio-sustainable
Origins Brazil
Location Chachoeira Company, Brazil
Altitude 1000m asl
Type of crop Picking and Stripping in the second phase
Type of processing Natural
Varieties Arabica
Expert evaluation 84/100


Thanks to medium roasting, the carefully selected raw coffee bean can express itself to the fullest, releasing every natural aroma and never being overly bitter. Try it even without sugar, it will be amazing!

The coffee is stored inside a sealed bag, self-protected with a one-way valve, which allows the coffee to degas, without letting in oxygen, which would oxidize it. This makes it possible to keep the coffee beans fresh and aromatic even after several months.

Notes for the 250g bean package:

  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Packaged in food grade nitrogen protective atmosphere with one-way valve
  • 250 gr net weight and

Notes for 250g ground package:

  • Coffee roasted in beans and then grounded
  • Packaged in food grade nitrogen protective atmosphere with one-way valve
  • 250 gr net weight and

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