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Quality costs less with Caffè Ernani

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Quality costs less with Caffè Ernani

All the questions you ask us when you have the opportunity to taste our  Nespresso compatible capsules and you feel like like switching to Caffè Ernani collected in one page!

Will it be easy?

You can count on it. There will be no need to change the machine you already have. Our capsules are perfectly compatible. Just insert the Ernani Coffee capsules into it as you have always done.

Will something change as to capsule storage?

Even when it comes to storage, nothing changes. Unlike many other compatible capsules, ours are self-protected and do not need external packaging for optimal conservation. You can choose to store our capsules in their cardboard packaging, or pour them into your usual tin or glass container. Any of your habits will change.

But what’s inside the capsules?

Only coffee and you can see it for yourself. Our capsules are transparent to allow you to see that our coffees are medium roasted. Forget the dark colour typical of dark roasting, which only reveals bitterness. Our coffees are characterized by a significant and pleasant aroma, the result of the choice of origins and of the medium roasting that preserves the characteristics. Under no circumstances we use artificial flavours.

But do your capsules offer the variety I’m used to?

We only have six variants, but they are enough to satisfy your real needs. If you love every type of blend, our capsules are designed to keep you company at all times of the day. If, on the other hand, you are looking for coffee with a specific characteristic of sweetness, bitterness, acidity, body or aromas, each of our blends responds to a specific preference. Only those who love very bitter coffees could be dissatisfied. Those who love Nespresso’s Rome could appreciate Stretto. Those who prefer Livanto, could also find Vivace pleasant. Those who choose Capriccio, could be tempted by Allegro. If Volluto and Così are your choice, you may find Blue Diamond to your liking. And if you are looking for a good decaffeinated, you could try our Adagio.

What makes Caffè Ernani capsules so different?

Very simple, we are an artisan roasting company and we think that medium roasting is much better than dark roasting because it allows you to get a proper body in the cup, preserving the aromas of the origins selected by us. We like bitterness, but we prefer it when it allows us to offer a coffee that can be enjoyed without sugar even by those who think that the coffee is always and only too bitter.


And how can I buy them?

You can find them at our historical roastery in Corso Buenos Aires, at some of the bars that offer Caffè Ernani and in our online shop. Even if you buy online, the process is easy and with a minimum purchase of Euro 75, you will not pay for the shipment.

Will I be able to count on the help of real people?

Of course, we are few, but dedicated to our customers and are not just words: the first information that is made available on the home page of our site is our phone number and answer real people, who love coffee and are able to provide the assistance you need. If you are in Milan you can also visit our historical roastery in Corso Buenos Aires.

What if your offices or your shop are closed?

You can rely on ABCoffee, the meeting point for Ernani coffee lovers where we provide information on how to extract, tips and suggestions as well as our FAQ. You can also write us an email.

Will I be happy after trying your capsules?

The words and loyalty of our customers make us optimistic. We have no doubt. The capsules have been selected to ensure the best possible user experience, ease and reliability.

But why don’t you make very bitter coffees?

Our coffees respond to a very clear philosophy: to bring out the characteristics of the beans we choose and not just the bitterness that normally characterizes your moments of relaxation. If Narrow is not bitter enough for you and you just can not give up the bitterness, we are sorry, but we are not made for you.

But how much do your capsules cost?

Less and sometimes much less than capsules of equal quality, more than those found in supermarkets or internet marketplaces. We don’t promise low prices, but the best value for money.

Are you ready to change?

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