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Today we’re going back to talking about a topic that I really like: matching coffee to different moments of the day or to different occasions.

So the best coffee for the morning, for the afternoon, for the conclusion of a nice lunch; or even coffee for a chat with friends, perfect for moments of “meditation” (a word stolen from the world of wine) and so on.

I really like it because, as a coffee enthusiast, limiting myself to just one flavor or one extraction method is too simplistic. Coffee is a vast world and there are hundreds of different ones, yet often when we start buying one we focus only on that, precluding other experiences or aromas.

Precisely for this reason we at Ernani have created 6 different blends, as well as 6 other single-origin coffees, all medium or medium-light roasted.

Here you can see just a few:

If you want to discover them all, click below and go to our online shop.

Now let’s get into the heart of the matter.

Different coffees for different hours of the day

Let’s start in the morning, in this case we need strength and caffeine, to be able to wake up completely!

So there are two options:

40% Arabica and 60% Robusta.

Knowing that Robusta has almost twice as much caffeine as the Arabica species, we need to opt for a blend that contains plenty of it. Vivace is therefore perfect for this occasion, while remaining aromatic and perfumed, thanks to the Arabica part.

100% Robusta

For those really looking for a lot of caffeine, combined with a mainly bitter taste, accompanied by a dense and enveloping body.

You can therefore immediately notice how each composition of the blends is modeled on the basis of our personal tastes and needs.

Then we move on to mid-morning and post-lunch coffee.

In reality, here you can vary a lot, but I prefer to limit myself to those that I would most recommend:

40% Arabica and 60% Robusta.

As mentioned before it can be indicated, thanks to the caffeine part given by the Robusta, for after lunch, helping us in digestion and reactivating the mind.

60% Arabica and 40% Robusta.

This, on the other hand, is indicated both for lunch and for a mid-morning dose of coffee, as it provides a good energy boost, without however renouncing the sweet and chocolatey hints brought by the Brasiliamo Bom Chocolate, which makes up the entire arabica part.

70% Arabica and 30% Robusta.

Instead, this is perfect for those who wish to rediscover on these occasions, in which the coffee is usually consumed on its own (without milk or brioche), incredible aromas and fragrances, to better enjoy its pleasantness.

Starting from 16.00 onwards, however, there is only one type of coffee that I recommend, but which can be declined in a thousand variables: 100% Arabica.

Below you can find our single origins, together with our 100% Arabica blend, the Blue Diamond.

In fact, arabicas have a reduced caffeine content, but are rich in taste. Ricchi is almost a reduction to describe these wonders.

According to your tastes we can opt for coffee:

  • More sweet and chocolaty, like Brazil Bom Chocolate.
  • More acidic, fresh, fruity and floral. Then it ranges between the Ethiopian Sidamo, fresh and floral, or the Guatemala Huehuetenango, sweet and fruity or finally the Colombia la Meseta, delicate and fruity.
  • More intense, round and enveloping, for those who love Arabica but want something “strong”, like our Indian Kalledevarapura.

The Blue Diamond, on the other hand, is a skilfully studied blend that combines the advantages of all the single origins described above, with the exception of Guatemala.

Now we have understood that we can adapt the different moments of the day to the different existing coffees, taking from each one only the qualities and advantages shown.

So let’s move on to the second part of the article.

Different coffees for different occasions.

In this second part I will focus more on the different espresso extraction methods than on the type of coffee.

Just like for the tastes of coffee, limiting myself to its consumption only in espresso or with a mocha is limiting for me.

There will always be our favorite method or the one we use most frequently for simplicity, but that doesn’t mean we have to eliminate any other tool.

Here is how I see the type of coffee extraction based on different “events”:

  • Themorning I always go for something very intense, like an espresso or a moka, at most I use compostable paper pods.
  • Unless it isestate, a season in which I always have a bottle of cold-extracted filter coffee ready in the fridge.
  • WhileI work in a office instead I always have a mug with filter coffee, to sip it calmly during my hours at the desk and enjoy small moments of break. So even in the Laboratory each of us has his own thermos with his favorite filter coffee.
  • After lunch I in no way give up espresso, thick, creamy and intense, perfect for a caffeine dose after the start of digestion.
  • In theafternoon but it depends! If I’m alone in the company, I always prefer filter coffee on my desk, but if my colleagues are there too, I choose the espresso to take a break together and recharge my batteries to finish the day.

Not only…

  • If for example in theweekend I have guests at my friends’ house, every time I propose a coffee and a different method, to be able to chat calmly while we sip hot coffee and try new aromatic notes!
  • While whenI read a book I always choose filter coffee. I don’t know why, but on this occasion I really associate the French Press, I really see it as a “meditation” method.
Below I leave you all the videos we created to find out how to best use each tool:

Now all I have to do is wish you good experimentation!

For any question you can leave a comment under the article or write me on whatsapp at +39 3756879940.
See you soon!

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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