A Synesthetic Collaboration: Another Coffee Stories

I maestri della tostatura media

Another Coffee Stories is the new and innovative Milanese publishing house with the goal of bringing our full senses back to the center of the literary experience.

The synaesthetic reading

Synesthesia Mutual contamination between the senses. It occurs when stimulations from one sense induce experiences, automatic and involuntary, in a second sense.

But how is this possible?
  • As it is easy to guess, sight is awakened by the words of the incredible authors, the same ones who are able to recreate an entire world in our minds, able to make us live for a moment outside our own routine, with only the stimulus of creativity;
  • Instead, the sense of touch is activated by the textured covers, designed to fully represent the author and his work;
  • And now we at Caffè Ernani come into the picture: accompanying the reader’s taste buds as they read, through our expertly selected and roasted coffees, paired with the works of Another Coffee Stories…for example, the robustness of a coffee might remind one of a gory and ruthless plot.
  • This also pervades the sense of smell! In fact, we recommend not pairing the books with an espresso, but more with a filter coffee, which is long, intense in aroma and delicate in flavor, to be kept close by for longer to let it accompany you while reading.
The publishing house with its books represents a unique combination of the charm of words and the beauty of the synaesthetic approach, which will transform the world of literature into a tangible reality.

If I have intrigued you, if you love books, and if you are always looking for something new–this article is for you!

Publications for the past two months

The Obistar Galaxy, IA. Final Blackout – Alberico Mattiacci

After a period of hiding, Paul Agnini returns to the scene to lead the final confrontation that will take place on Planet Earth: on one side, the AIA, which aspires to control humans through its Neuronal Network as if it were a new God; on the other, a group of young people led by the elderly Paul Agnini and armed with their dreams to communicate through an unsuspected alternative network, fully convinced, still, of the possibility of a human-scale world.

Who will prevail?

Matching coffee: Blue Diamond
I am back – Libera Martignetti

As a child I was very careful to stay in the tiles, not to step on the edges, the boundaries, with the terror of… I don’t really know what, what could have ever happened to me?

So growing up I unlearned the rule, defied the uncertain and disobeyed the ban.

I did it with words, writing them down.

The voice remained mute and mute I could sound, too used to complacency and silence, on the surface.

Instead, inside, a decomposed magma, fluid and fertile, was creating words upon words, waiting for the opportune moment, waiting for the necessary storm.

Each step, each verse, a step into the deep, through fissures that at times reveal glimmers.

And like clear, sudden, bright gleams, each word reveals to me something dark, dreamlike, intimate, sacred and unmentionable again.

Almost like a curse, the poem comes, I just have to accept it, I just have to surrender, grateful.

Matching coffee: Blue Diamond
Adelina Superstar – Alessandra Santisi

Criminals. This is how obese people, who are responsible for abnormal health care expenditures because of their wicked behavior, are viewed. To restore the countryʼs economy, as well as its decorum and aesthetics, a persecution by the Ministry of Sustainable Weight begins, which soon turns into a dictatorship. With a husband who hates her and a skinny daughter who tries to redeem her, the personal odyssey of Adelina, a 54-year-old pyrotechnician guilty only of being fat, will lead her between secret markets and improvised theatrical stages to become the leader of an unthinkable revolution.

Matching coffee: Stretto
The Heir, binary stars – Alrisha Mars

In a post-apocalyptic world divided between Humans, Transformed and Abominations, “The Heir” weaves a story of friendship, hidden powers and surprising discoveries. Celyne Hero, the heir to the throne of the New York Shrine, meets Cassandra Morgana, a mysterious Italian girl on the run from a bereavement, sparking an epic adventure of magic, betrayal and revelations. Together, they face coups and ancestral mysteries, trying to heal a family feud and save their world, doomed since global warming two centuries earlier caused a mysterious virus to emerge from the ice. An engaging tale of identity, acceptance and courage, where two girls struggle to forge a future of peace and understanding. “The Heir” is an exciting journey into a universe where every choice can change destiny.

Paired Coffee: Women’s Coffee – Brazil
Four Voice Choir – Chiara Lopresti

C, a young humanities student with a sensitive and passionate soul, finds herself having to reflect on the true nature of the feeling that binds her to her boyfriend, F, whom she has always considered the love of her life. C’s doubts arise after meeting W, the brilliant and self-centered student who gives her metrical lessons in preparation for the dreaded Latin exam. W is, however, engaged to G. The four voices skillfully follow each other to tell their own version of events, allowing the reader to observe the same events from different perspectives, underscoring how intricate and changing the web of relationships we experience is, almost as much as reality itself.

Matching coffee: Adagio – decaffeinated
Lost Souls – Manuel Convertini

In a small, quiet American town one night, three murders are committed by three different people, now on the run. Fugitives and police officers tell their stories, showing their humanity that often goes far beyond what we show.

Matching coffee: Stretto

Now all you have to do is choose the book and coffee that are best for you and have the synesthetic experience yourself!

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