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Are you already familiar with Ernani Coffee’s Allegro blend?

It is Ernani Coffee’s most famous blend: a true workhorse of the Ernani Roasting Company in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

The Allegro has been loved by all Milanese since forever!

It is a complex, finely acidic, fragrant, intriguing, creamy and enveloping blend, with a hint of bitterness to balance it all out!

But why is this mixture so beloved?

Read the article and find out more:

  • Why it was created
  • The composition
  • Features
  • Roasting
  • The taste
  • To whom it is suitable
  • Tips for espresso, mocha, filter and capsule extraction!


Paul, as Ernani’s chief roaster, was in search of that blend symbolic of the company’s entire philosophy.

Therefore, it had to be a coffee in line with “traditional” espresso tastes, i.e., creamy and full-bodied, but at the same time bring a novelty with its refined aroma, so as to bring customers closer to a “fine” coffee.

I put the word fine in quotation marks, not because Allegro is not a quality coffee, but because I do not want to describe Allegro only by the mere adjective “fine.”

I want you to taste it, I want to explain it and tell you about it, I want you to understand the immense research behind it. This is what really matters.

Unfortunately, we know that the average quality of espresso in Italian coffee bars is not the highest because in general, they offer us low-quality coffee with a very dark roast, convincing us that it is “intense” and therefore “fine.”

Well, it doesn’t!

Coffee should never be so bitter as to be bothersome, and the fact that it is already mandatory to add sugar to be able to drink it is a synonym for bad coffee.

Yet everyone writes “quality coffee,” don’t they?

Well, I prefer to let you taste a quality coffee that is not bitter and does not need sugar, in fact it is fragrant, sweet and pleasantly acidic.

Composition of the mixture

The blend consists of a higher percentage of Arabica species coffee.

As mentioned above, the selection was a very long and careful process, going so far as to select coffees from small family-owned plantations:

  • A single-origin Indian from the Bababudangiri region and Kalledevarapura plantation, grown at about 1450 m asl, semi-washed;
  • A single-origin Colombian from the Medellin region and Finca la Meseta plantation, grown at about 1000m asl, washed;
  • A Brazilian single-origin, from the Cerrado region and Bom Chocolate plantation, grown at about 900-1000 m asl, natural.

The robusta part, on the other hand, is composed of three African single-origins, from Congo, Tanzania and the Ivory Coast.

Sensory description

On the palate there is immediately a delicate acidity, with hints of citrus, which immediately fades in favor of the sweetness of red fruits and hazelnuts, balanced by a pleasant bitterness, which carries with it the hint of cocoa, very persistent over time.

And then the full-bodiedness. The drink has a silky body that envelops the tongue and palate, as if in a warm embrace.

Occasion of use

The Allegro is perfect at any time of day: whether for an invigorating breakfast, to sip leisurely in the afternoon, or for a quick break. In short, it is always good and gives the right amount of caffeine!

Suitable for

Allegro is therefore suitable for you if you are looking for an intensely aromatic, full-bodied and velvety coffee, where sweetness and bitterness are balanced, along with a delicate acidity.

Medium Toast

This is then enhanced by the Medium Toasting, Ernani’s distinctive signature on all its products, carried out separately for each single-origin.

The Medium Roast brings out all the natural flavors and merits of carefully selected raw coffee to the fullest, bringing the best of each bean into the cup .

Finally, it never makes the coffee overly bitter, so it is perfect to enjoy without sugar.

Beware, however, that just as it enhances all the merits it also enhances all the flaws, so one must start from a high quality raw material!

Methods of extraction

Here are tips on the four possible macro draws:

  • Espresso
  • Mocha
  • Paper filter
  • Capsules

I anticipate that the Allegro does best in espresso and mocha.


Extracted in espresso we recommend a dose of 7.8-8 g per person to achieve an intense, creamy and above all fragrant cup.

Already on the nose, a distinct cocoa aroma can be perceived, which is then also found on the palate. The acidity in this case is soft and reminiscent of that of red fruits.

Overall, it is a good coffee balanced between acidity, sweetness and bitterness.


The nose smells of nuts and chocolate.

Again this results in a balanced, enveloping coffee with pleasant acidity and good bitterness, accompanied by sweetness.

Cocoa is the predominant flavor and is very persistent over time, leaving an excellent aftertaste in the mouth.


If extracted in a filter, on the other hand, an intense cherry scent is perceived on the nose, which may be reminiscent of a fruity tea.

For being a blend, and not a single-origin, in filter, it is still a good coffee: balanced, round, and above all, flawless. But at the same time it loses some aromatic intensity and acidity.

I recommend a water temperature of 93°C.o


In capsules the Allegro blend has an excellent yield.

A balanced coffee: first sweet, then hints of bitter cocoa and finally some light acidity.

To find out how best to extract coffee using all the extraction methods watch @caffeernani’s videos on:

Or email us at [email protected] or on whastapp at +39 375 6879940, to get all the information about our Ernani Academy’s Brewing (alternative coffee extraction methods to espresso) course!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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