All about the Straits mixture

I maestri della tostatura media

Are you already familiar with Caffè Ernani Stretto blend?

It is the blend designed just for the morning breakfast: rich in caffeine and with a strong, intense taste!
Full-bodied and creamy perfect both with milk and on its own!

Read the article and find out:

  • Why it was created;
  • Composition;
  • Characteristics;
  • Toasting;
  • Taste;
  • Who it is suitable for;
  • Extraction tips in espresso, mocha, filter and capsules!


Paul, as Ernani’s roaster, was looking for an intense blend with a nice bitterness, suitable to please lovers of dark, full-bodied coffee, rich in caffeine, thus energizing and perfect to start the day.

That is why he decided to include only African robusta coffees. The result was to be a blend where bitterness and intensity prevailed over sweetness and acidity.

Composition of the mixture

The blend is composed, as mentioned above, of only robusta (Canephora) species coffees.

You will find specifically:

  • Congo HTM/N/M natural, coming from Mombasa northeast region, 600m above sea level;
  • Tanzania Superior 16 natural, from the Bukoba region, 800m above sea level;
  • Uganda 18 natural, coming from Mendo / Masaka, between 600 and 800m asl.

Sensory description

The taste is an intense coffee with notes of bitter cocoa, pepper, nuts and licorice.

Occasion of use

The amount of caffeine present makes it perfect as a morning coffee for an energizing breakfast.

Suitable for

The Stretto is therefore suitable for you if you are looking for an intense, creamy, full-bodied coffee with good bitterness but still leaving no unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Medium Toast

This is then enhanced by the Medium Toasting, Ernani’s distinctive signature on all its products, carried out separately for each single-origin.

The Medium Roast brings out all the natural flavors and merits of carefully selected raw coffee to the fullest, bringing the best of each bean into the cup.

It also never makes the coffee overly bitter, so it is perfect to enjoy without sugar. Despite the strong intensity brought by the robustas, the coffee is yes more bitter than Ernani’s other blends, but it is still not annoying and most importantly, it never tastes burnt!

Methods of extraction

Here are tips on the four possible macro draws:

  • Espresso
  • Mocha
  • Paper filter
  • Capsules

I anticipate that Strait makes the best of espresso and capsules.


Espresso extract we recommend a dose of 7 g per person to achieve an intense and creamy cup, and a water temperature of 94°C.

A distinct aroma of bitter cocoa and nuts can be perceived on the nose, which we then find on the palate.

The acidity here is absent, while the bitterness is well present, with notes of bitter cocoa, pepper and licorice.

Overall, it is a good morning wake-up coffee.


It turns out a bit more bitter because of the extraction method and the associated high temperatures.

The acidities are completely absent, while the hint of cocoa is always present.

Paper Filter

When extracted in a filter, few scents and little intensity are perceived on the nose.

Indeed, it is not a coffee suitable for filter extractions, carrying slight woody notes.

Compared to other coffees, in filter it expresses an aromatic spectrum that is not very broad and not very pleasant.


It is very similar to espresso, but differs in that it has less bitterness, thus being more balanced overall.

To find out how best to extract coffee using all the extraction methods, watch @caffeernani’s videos on:

Or write us at [email protected] or on whatsapp at +39 3756879940, to get all the information about our Ernani Academy’s Brewing (alternative extraction methods to espresso) course!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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