All methods of coffee extraction: discover yours!

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We all love coffee, whether mocha or espresso!
We consume and prepare it regularly, at home, in the office, at the bar, in restaurants and so on.

But why limit yourself to only 2 methods when there are so many?

Each method is then perfect for specific occasions and gives a particular taste to the final drink.

So let’s find out what are the merits and disadvantages of all the methods you see in the picture and find the perfect one for you!


A tool we are all familiar with and have used more than once.

We will therefore use it as a term of comparison.

To get all the tips, the correct recipe, the most suitable coffee, its history and much more,


To this day, moka is recognized worldwide as an icon of Made in Italy.

It allows for an intense and full-bodied coffee, although it does not achieve the full-bodiedness we find in espresso.

It only requires the use of the coffee pot, water (not tap water!) and medium ground coffee and you’re done!

It has only one small original defect: it gets too hot.

This raises the risk that the mince inside will burn and thus bring hints of ash, gum and burnt to the cup, as well as increased bitterness.

The taste is mainly bitter, but if you select the right coffee and use the tricks you can see in the video below, it can also express fresher notes of flowers and fruits.

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Syphon is one of the most scenic methods of brewing.

It is very reminiscent of the mocha in its structure and operation: water, propelled by the force of steam, rises into the upper container, in which brewing takes place. The difference is that it does not experience either the heat of the mocha or the same pressure.

This results in a more fragrant and smooth coffee, with less bitterness, but also a reduced body compared to Moka.

Requires the use of a medium and medium roast ground coffee, water (not from a bottle), a heat source, and a precision scale.

We talked about it extensively in a dedicated article, where I told you about its history and method of preparation, as well as recommended the most suitable coffees and some small curiosities to experiment with.

You can, for example, prepare a perfect and original Irish Coffee!


Or watch the video below to find out how to use it:

French Press

The French Press is in my opinion the simplest and at the same time most versatile tool of all.

It requires some water (not tap water), very large ground coffee, the coffee pot, and a scale.

In fact, simply leave everything brewing inside the coffee pot and then use the plunger to pour the coffee into the cup, filtering it.

The result is a mocha-like coffee: intense and full-bodied, almost mellow I would dare say.

But by being able to decide on the temperature of the water, not as in mocha, in which it must necessarily come to a boil, it makes for a more aromatic drink with less bitterness.

To find out all about the French Press I have written a dedicated article, just


Or watch the video below:

But why did I call it “versatile”?

Because the same tool can be conveniently used at home to make whipped milk and thus recreate that magical cappuccino we enjoy at the coffee shop!


Simply pour the milk into the coffee pot, either hot or cold, and “up and down” with the plunger about ten times. Then tap the instrument a couple of times on the kitchen countertop so that any air bubbles are removed.

Et voila the cappuccino at home is also made!


We now enter those extraction methods referred to as “filter paper.”

For these, medium-large and medium-light roast ground coffee is always required, possibly single-origin.

In addition to the tool in question you also require: the appropriate paper filter, some water (not from tap), a kettle with the ability to set and maintain the temperature, with the “swan neck” spout, a scale, and lots of practice!

But back to us, with Aeropress you can get fresh, fragrant, sweet and sour coffee with floral, fruity, chocolaty, caramel notes and so on!
The body is velvety.

Moreover, it is a method that can really be done anywhere!

Since it is made of plastic, it is a favorite of campers or any sportsman.

Put it in your backpack with a thermal bottle filled with hot water and make coffee in every scenario!

Then to find out how to use it proficiently and all the coffee tips, just


Or watch the video below:

V60 Dripper

V60 is another of the filter coffee extraction methods.

Perhaps the most famous, the best known and the most widely used by all professionals to create a long, fragrant drink.

Many people confuse the result obtained with the “American coffee” often tasted at coffee shops, which is actually espresso coffee diluted with hot water.

In this case, the preparation requires a different dosage of water and coffee, as well as not having the pressure of the espresso machine.

This makes it possible to create a smooth, sweet, fragrant and fresh drink, but without the body of espresso.

It’s a case of saying one thing: “let’s try to open our minds…it’s not that if a coffee doesn’t have body then it’s not a good coffee, on the contrary!”

Espresso offers an intense, full-bodied drink, but with more bitterness and consumable in seconds.

The V60, on the other hand, offers a fragrant, sweet-smelling drink with no bitterness that can be consumed in more time, so it is perfect if you want to drink something slowly during a nice chat with a friend or to keep handy on your desk at all times while studying and working.

Moreover, this preparation allows all the merits of the selected coffee to be amplified in the cup, but also the flaws. In fact, used by professionals and roasters to discover any defects in coffee samples for purchase.

If you want to find out all about this preparation method,


Or watch the video below:


Also falls under paper filter methods.

The Chemex is renowned for its beauty and elegance: a single piece of glass, expertly shaped and decorated with a polished warm wood section.

Similar to the V60 Dripper in terms of preparation and tools needed.
The difference lies entirely in the filter paper: thicker. This allows less essential oils to pass through, thus giving a softer and less angular cup than V60 coffee.

To find out every detail, you only need to


Or watch the video below:


The Clever is one of the most modern instruments invented: it combines infusion and percolation.


Thanks to a small pressure valve, it allows the coffee to be left to steep in water for as long as necessary, but as soon as the instrument is placed on the cup, percolation begins and the drink thus arrives in the cup filtered.

This system yields coffee similar to V60, but with a fuller, sweeter taste due to the infusion stage.

If you want to find out how to use it and many other tips,


Or watch the video below:

Cold Brew Dripper

And so we come to today’s last method: the Cold Brew Dripper, an amazing tool for getting cold brew coffee.

Warning. Not a coffee that is then cooled, a coffee extracted directly with cold water or even ice!

It requires very coarse ground coffee.

What else to say–perfect to use in summer and perfect for experimenting.

In fact, ice can be inserted, spices infused in water, extraction times can be changed, and even water can be replaced with alcohol or other liquids.

Suitable for both morning, afternoon, and even aperitif!

The only cons is that it requires a long preparation time: from 4 to 12 hours, so you have to start the extraction early and then store it in the refrigerator.

The dedicated article will be coming soon!

In the meantime, watch the video below to find out how to use it:

What always remains indispensable for each of these is:
  • The choice of coffee, preferably medium- to medium-light roast single-origin;
  • Grinding, a very broad and sensitive topic, but one without which you will never get good coffee, even if you select the best beans or use the best performing tool of all!

That’s why I point you here to the article in which we extensively explained how to do the correct grinding for each instrument.

Try them all and find out which method is your favorite.
Mine? I can’t decide! I like to change every day!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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