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I maestri della tostatura media
Tutti i prodotti di Natale descritti nel nuovo articolo di ABCoffee by Ernani!

Last week we introduced the Christmas Blend, created specifically for the holidays and perfect for sharing with your loved ones!

Today we’re talking about all the other Ernani Christmas products!

Let’s start with perhaps the most awaited and requested product of all:

Coffee Panettone

The unique, inimitable and very tasty Panettone with Ernani coffee and dark chocolate drops.

Since mid-November, roasting customers in Milan have started asking for it because they don’t want to wait any longer!

Over the years these are just an example of all the reviews we have collected:

Cristina Mariani
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We're not usually fans of coffee flavored desserts, but this one is just as tasty as tiramisu. Really great soft and also quality internal chocolate!
Paola Sala
Paola Sala
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I bought one to try it out. As soon as I tasted it, I immediately rode in another 5 to give away!
Roberto Caputo
Roberto Caputo
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I can't do without it: soft, tasty, intense, sweet and bitter together, I've never tasted a better panettone!
Vittorio De Giovanni
Vittorio De Giovanni
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I buy it every year because I know I always make a great impression with everyone!
Over 4500 Panettone sold, over 4500 satisfied customers!

The panettone dough is made with a special mother yeast, which needs to be “reborn” every day. After which it is left to rest for 48 hours before being worked with exclusively artisanal methods.

This meticulous attention is also used for the selection of all the ingredients and for the phases that lead to obtaining a dessert with an unmistakable taste.

The secret of Panettone Ernani lies in the perfect balance between all its ingredients, handled by expert and careful hands.

The dough is then enriched with drops of dark chocolate. The result is a fantastic mix between the delicate bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the chocolate.

Serve it at the table and you will leave everyone speechless!

Finally, the surface is glazed and, as required by tradition, garnished with almonds and granulated sugar.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Tree!

A special gift for a special person!

For the Planet is an enveloping blend, with a round body, balanced between the sweet notes of ripe fruit and the bitterness of cocoa.

It is also an eco-friendly blend, thanks to the collaboration with Gone West and their For the Planet project, controlled by agreements between the company and the controlled countries called “Plant & Protect”.

For more information, watch the video below.

The blend is made up of a higher percentage of Arabica coffee, which gives interesting aromatic characteristics in the cup.

While Robusta coffees allow, especially if extracted in espresso, the structuring of a smooth and compact cream of a beautiful hazelnut color.

The body is round and envelops the palate.

The scent of freshly extracted coffee is warm and inviting, with fresher and sweeter notes of ripe fruit pulp, followed by the delicate bitterness of cocoa.

The aftertaste highlights above all notes of chocolate and nuts, pleasant and persistent over time.

For each package of “Christmas with For the Planet” we will plant a tree together with Gone West!

Gone West is a truly and concretely green company, which in the last 5 years has planted more than 5 million trees and created over 150 green jobs.

“Together we are stronger”

This is where you come in! Thanks to your gifts you can help the environment with a small but important gesture and make this project really big!

Christmas basket

If you know a coffee lover, this is the perfect gift for him!

We have in fact thought about the possibility of directly creating a package complete with everything:

  • The Ernani blend designed for Christmas and available only for one month! Chocolate, sweet and fruity, to remember the family warmth and the enveloping embrace of a hot chocolate – 250g pack, you choose whether in grains or ground!
  • Blue Diamond, the most prestigious Ernani blend, composed exclusively of Arabica and winner of the 2022 Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting. Scented, aromatic, silky, fresh and suitable for different extraction methods: from espresso to filter, passing through moka – 250g pack, you choose whether in beans or ground!
  • An Ernani Mug: a high quality resistant ceramic cup, perfect for coffee, for a cappuccino, for a filter coffee or even for tea.
  • Our quick and easy guide to learn how to “Recognize a quality coffee: before, during and after tasting”. Very useful for starting to delve into the world of coffee, from the raw bean and its harvesting, through the manufacturing processes, up to the roasting, in order to no longer be fooled by the empty word “Quality”, but learning to recognize it independently.

All this inside a single Christmas box, closed with a beautiful bow handmade by us!

And if you also want to insert a greeting card, just write the text in the order notes!

Let us guide you and give a completely new tasting experience!

The Christmas Blend

A blend that everyone likes, designed just to be shared: balanced between the freshness of red fruits, the sweetness of ripe fruit and the bitterness of cocoa.

This blend is reminiscent of a delicious cinnamon-flavored hot chocolate if extracted in a mocha or espresso, while it is more reminiscent of red fruit and almond tea if extracted in a filter!

Finally it’s only available for December, don’t miss it and try it now!

Did I help you with any new Christmas gift ideas?
Happy Holidays!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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