Clever: history and how to use it to brew coffee

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After recounting and explaining coffee brewing with the Moka, Aeropress, French Press, Chemex and Syphon, it is time for the Clever!

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The Clever dripper is a very simple tool in use, which needs only a few well-defined steps to give a sweet, smooth and clean cup.

The clever is the perfect tool for beginners or those who want to give a different offer to their customers.

The history of Clever

The Clever dripper is a 2008 invention of a Taiwanese company, Abid Co.

Clever” in English means intelligent.

But what is so clever about this brewing method?

The ease of its use!

In fact, the clever dripper is one of the most intuitive tools in my opinion, perhaps second only to the French Press.

Perfect for those who are discovering all the manual coffee brewing methods alternative to the more traditional espresso or mocha.

It also combines the best features of percolation filter coffees, such as a V60 or Chemex may be, with those of immersion coffees, such as the French Press may be.

Haven’t I convinced you yet?

Well, would you be interested to know that it is also very good value for money?

It is also light, handy and does not take up little space!

It is generally available in two sizes: 300 or 500 ml.

  • Plastic cone;
  • With a valve at the base → with the valve closed the coffee remains submerged, with the valve open the coffee percolates.

Result in cup

Clever allows you to get really good and especially consistent results!

The cup will have good body, like that obtained with a French Press, but in contrast the drink will be cleaner, thanks to the use of the paper filter.

What about the taste?

Sweet and full!

The extraction with the Clever dripper

Extraction with the Clever is simple, but requires some tools:

  • Clever Dripper;
  • Appropriate paper filter;
  • Kettle;
  • A scale;
  • Timer;
  • A cup or server.

The Brew Ratio , that is, the dose of coffee in relation to water, is 60 g of ground coffee per 1 L of water ; in this case I will use 250 ml of water per 15 gr of coffee.

The coffee must be medium to coarse ground . If we want to be precise, the grain size should be between 500 and 700 microns.

And the Toasting should be medium if you want to get a fragrant and intense cup!

Steps for extraction:
  • Heat the water between 92 and 95°C;
  • Pour it over the filter to moisten it, so that it removes the paper notes and warms it up well, along with the instrument;
  • Dump the water and prepare for the actual extraction;
  • Pour in the mince and give it a few taps to level it out;
  • Now wet it with the 250 ml of water, in about 50 seconds;
  • Stir with a spoon to make sure that all the mince has made contact with the water, being careful not to break the paper filter;
  • Close with the lid and wait ¾ minutes for infusion;
  • Place the instrument on a cup or server now and enjoy the extraction!

The coffee is ready!


  • Is it summer? You can brew coffee with the Clever even when cold! Use precisely cold bottled water and increase the Brew ratio to 80 g of grind to 1 L of water;
  • The infusion can be enriched with flavorings and spices, such as vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruits, flowers, etc., which you will pour together with the ground and leave to infuse;
  • Or you can make the drink with other liquids: combine water with one part alcohol! For example: try pairing a fruity coffee from Guatemala with a black cherry liqueur!

Recommended coffees

Like almost all brewing methods, I always recommend a single-origin arabica that is medium roasted and faultless.

If you want a fuller-bodied, sweeter coffee, go for natural; if, on the other hand, you like acidity and fresher notes, go for an offshore washed.

Paul, Ernani’s roaster, chose the Indian Kalledevarapura >>
Andrea, the junior roaster, chose the Brazilian Santos Bom Chocolate >>
Do you want to practice this method and also discover all the other Brewing techniques and tools?

We look forward to seeing you at Ernani Academy’s Brewing class!

Email [email protected] or whatsapp message to +39 3756879940 to get all the information you need!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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