Discover Costa Rica: a new single origin selected and roasted by Caffè Ernani!

I maestri della tostatura media
Confezione di caffè Costa Rica, il nuovo monorigine di Caffè Ernani da 250g con aromi visibili: cacao e sale.

Do you know the single origin Costa Rica of Caffè Ernani?

It is a particular single origin that takes everyone by surprise!
Intense, creamy, chocolaty, but above all savory! In short, a balance of surprising flavors, which enhance each other!

Read the article and find out:

  • Why it was selected;
  • Its origin;
  • Features;
  • The roasting;
  • The taste;
  • Who is it suitable for;
  • Extraction tips in espresso, mocha, filter and capsules!


Paolo, as a roaster, was looking for a single origin different from the coffees already proposed by Ernani. Until now there were in fact either washed coffees, mainly acidic with light floral and fruity notes, or round and full-flavored natural single-origin coffees.

What was missing?

Something “strange” … here is the selection of the Costa Rica Tournon Specialty Coffee.


Costa Rica is a coffee from the Central Valley of the State.

It is an Arabica of the Caturra and Catuai varieties, grown on slopes between 1350 and 1450 m above sea level.

The expert growers manually collect the ripe drupes one by one, with the method called picking, and then double-check and re-select all the cherries collected to have the most accurate selection possible.

After which they are processed with the washed method, which gives a pleasant freshness and complexity in the cup, balancing the flavor.

Costa Rica reached the score of 81.25 points, following the professional tasting in Cupping, performed following the protocol of SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), with an evaluation on 5 cups.

Sensory description

A great aromatic intensity is perceived on the nose, especially if extracted in espresso, with cocoa and nuts.

During the tasting, notes of dark chocolate are immediately perceived, further enhanced by the flavor (slightly salty), to finally leave an aftertaste of nuts, which persists in the palate for several minutes.

Occasion of use

The reduced amount of caffeine makes it perfect also as an afternoon coffee.

It is also perfect to combine with sweet and savory dishes in a brunch!

Suitable for

Costa Rica is for you if you are looking for a truly particular Arabica single origin that amazes you with every sip, perfect for getting out of the ordinary.

Extraction methods

Here are some tips on the four possible macro extractions:

  • Espresso
  • Moka
  • Paper filter

I think that Costa Rica is at its best when extracted in espresso and moka pot.

Expressed Extracted

in espresso, I recommend a dose of 8.5 grams per person, to obtain an intense and creamy cup, and a water temperature of 93 ° C.

In the cup it is round and shows a marked sapidity, which immediately fades in favor of the chocolate notes.


It is slightly more bitter due to the extraction method and slightly higher temperatures but in the cup the notes of nuts are felt more, rather than chocolate, also making the flavor less intense.

Paper filter

If extracted in a filter, dried fruit and bread crust aromas are mostly perceived, while the taste expresses an aromatic spectrum that is not very broad and flatter.

In my opinion, it does not pay much in the filter, as much as in espresso, despite being a single origin.

To find out how to best extract coffee with all extraction methods, watch the videos by @caffeernani on:

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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