El Salvador Esperanza: the new Women’s Café: All about it!

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Foto della confezione gialla Ernani da 250g di El Salvador, Caffè delle Donne monorigine Specialty Coffee, con affianco una confezione trasparente di caffè in grani, e gli aromi naturali del caffè: cioccolato al latte, ananas, albicocca
Il Caffè delle Donne El Salvador is the new Specialty Coffee in the Caffè Ernani shop!

An elegant, sweet and feminine coffee, like the figures who have grown, harvested and processed it, with care and attention to create beans of the highest quality.

In addition to having received the Specialty Coffee certificate, it is also certified by IWCA, i.e. the International Alliance of Women in Coffee, now in Italy under the name of Women in coffee, has guaranteed solidarity and fairness in the treatment of women workers on plantations.

But I do not want to get ahead of you too much… let’s find out together step by step in this new article!


Selection Paolo and Andrea, our roasters, were looking for a certified single origin in which sweetness dominated over bitterness, together with good acidity.

They also wanted to offer a new origin, not yet present in the Ernani product package, so as to give the opportunity to taste the scent of a new land.

So here is the choice for the new Women Coffee Specialty Coffee coming from El Salvador, a small state in Central America.


Origin El Salvador is a coffee from the Cantòn Las Cruces, more precisely in Chalchuapa, in the plantation of La Esperanza.

This area, in the north-west of the country, was the first region that began with the cultivation of coffee and thanks also to the nearby Santa Ana volcano, allows the birth of high quality coffee, among the highest in the entire state.

Also in El Salvador, most of the plantations, including La Esperanza itself, are located in shady areas and protected as national forest assets.

The government then established very strict parameters to define its Gourmet coffees, benefiting only those farmers who actually commit themselves to creating a great product at every stage, from the plant to the harvest, from processing to sale. The Gourmet brand thus adds tremendous value to export to the international market.

Going back to our El Salvador, let’s add that it is an arabica Red Bourbon, grown at altitudes starting from 1350 m and beyond.

The expert growers manually pick one by one only the ripe berries at the right point, with the picking method, to then double-check and re-select all the collected cherries to obtain the most accurate selection possible.

The beans are then processed with the washed (wet) method, which gives a pleasant freshness and acidity in the cup, balancing the great sweetness.

El Salvador finally reached the score of 83 points, following the professional tasting carried out following the SCA protocol (Specialty Coffee Association), with a rating out of 5 cups.

Sensory description

In general, Salvadoran coffees are characterized by good sweetness, body and balanced acidity.

In particular, the coffee we have selected has a complex and intriguing aroma, fully reflecting a feminine and sensual profile.

Presents sweet notes of apricot, milk chocolate, pineapple, which are then balanced by a soft and pleasant malic acidity. To balance everything, more intense notes of dried fruits, especially nuts, are perceived.

While tasting a cup of El Salvador, I imagine myself in a plantation where coffee plants live in harmony with other colorful flowering trees, surrounded by wild animals that look after the area. In short, a riot of colors for the eyes and lively perfumes for the nose.

Occasion of use

The reduced amount of caffeine, being an Arabica coffee, makes it perfect as an afternoon or evening coffee.

Suitable for

El Salvador is your coffee if you are looking for a single origin Arabica with velvety body, a deep sweetness and acidity and no bitterness at all.

Medium Roasting

The bena are then masterfully processed by our roasters with the medium roasting technique, Ernani’s distinctive signature on all its coffees, which enhance all the natural aromas and qualities of carefully selected raw coffee to the maximum, bringing the best of each bean into the cup, with no defects.


Everywhere, more and more women become an essential part of the manufacturing process, occupying positions of power and revolutionizing the world of coffee.

The IWCA is a global network that unites and supports the entrepreneurship of millions of women around the world, operating in more than 24 countries.

Female producers in El Salvador were practically invisible before the 2000s despite representing 35% of the productive force. Thus, the IWCA’s busy program of activities is helping to make women more visible and respected in the country. People are now starting to pay attention with the aim of improving conditions and the lifestyle of women, and often mothers, workers.

Recommended extraction methods

Here are some recommendations on the four possible macro extractions:

  • Espresso
  • Mocha pot
  • Paper filter

Extract in express advice a dose of 9 g per person, to obtain an intense and creamy cup, and a water temperature of 93°C.

With this method the more acidic notes are enhanced, in addition to the development of a vast, intense and amazing aromatic profile.

Mocha pot

The coffee in this case is more sweet than acidic, with even a very slight hint of bitterness, absent in the espresso.

Paper filter

Filter If extracted in a filter, the sweeter notes are still enhanced, while the acidity is rounder and more balanced. The aromatic notes of fruit in this case dominate the cup.

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