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Foto con lo scatolone bianco ed etichetta gialla della confezione da 150 cialde con posizionate fuori tutte le nostre cialde.

You will have already heard it on our social channels, at the various exhibitions held in the recent months or through the newsletter… so you will already know that there is a brand new product on Caffè Ernani:

Compostable paper pods!

I therefore take advantage of this new post to explain their characteristics, the occasions of use, the machine to be used for the preparation and finally for whom this product was created and designed.

Ready to start?


of Ernani Paper Pods Obviously inside the pods you will always find the same Caffè Ernani that you ordinarily buy. For us it is unthinkable to modify or vary our product, believing it so much!

We want you to drink our Medium Roast blends as they were intended.

But even more unthinkable is the idea of ​​adding any artificial flavors, as other brands do, to embellish the aromatic profile of their beans.

We believe that if you start from a carefully selected high quality raw material and with an exceptional organoleptic profile, there is no need to add synthetic flavors!

You will therefore have the opportunity to drink a pod with a broad and intense aromatic profile, to enjoy every single cup of coffee.

Furthermore, to make the aroma even more intense, we tried in every way to increase the dose of coffee present in our pods, and we did it!

In fact, inside the Blue Diamond pods, our 100% Arabica blend, you will find 7.8/8 g of coffee.

While in those of Allegro, Vivace and Adagio (decaffeinated), our blends with a percentage of Robusta, you will find 7,5/7,8 g of ground.

In general, the major producers of pods insert only 6.8/7.2 g of coffee inside them, in this way the aromatic profile, the cream and the body are more scarce, and therefore the final cup will be “flat”.

On the contrary, we wanted to obtain a really good product, combined with speed and simplicity of service.

In the end, they are made with a compostable food paper. When the coffee has been extracted, you simply take the pod out from the filter and throw everything directly into the organic waste, without having to separate and check anything.

Available packs

At the moment Ernani paper pods are available in one type of packaging: a 150 pods box.

However, buy the blend you prefer, among:

  • Blue Diamond, if you want a blend made up of only fine Arabica coffees. It contains the characteristics and aromas of four incredible single origins, with hints of fresh fruit and nuts, citrus fruits, honey and chocolate;
  • Allegro, if you always want a blend with a higher percentage of Arabica, but in which a little Robusta also is added, with sweet and fresh of chocolate, hazelnuts and citrus fruits, with a round body;
  • Vivace, if you want a blend with a higher percentage of Robusta, in which creaminess is king, together with a greater and more pleasant bitterness;
  • Adagio (deck), if you want a single origin, aromatic and full-bodied, but without caffeine, because removing the caffeine does not mean removing the taste!
  • Mix Completo, if you don’t want to miss out on any of the blends and enjoy them all throughout the day – 40 Blue Diamond wafers, 40 Allegro wafers, 40 Vivace wafers and 30 Adagio wafers (dek);
  • Mix without Decaffeinated, if you always want to try all our blends, but never get around to drinking decaffeinated as well! – 50 Blue Diamond pods, 50 Allegro pods and 50 Vivace pods.

The paper pods are designed for…

We have created this new product, not only to generally add one more to our catalog… but because we realized that this product could actually help and improve some services and/or situations.

So, without too many other preambles, here’s who we thought and created the Paper Pods for:


We are very much used to find a wine list at restaurants. Why not have a coffee list too?

In fact, creating it costs nothing and you can have up to 4 different coffees from which your customers can choose.

This will bring you multiple benefits, including greater customer loyalty and the possibility even to combine your desserts with certain coffees.

Plus you’ll save money. I know, it seems unrelated with waffles, but it is not at all: in fact the pods machine, even if super professional, consumes up to 6 times less than an espresso machine.

You won’t even have to have grinders anymore, and this involves eliminating an instrument to clean, further savings in bills and above all no employees of yours will be able to grind wrongly or to serve a badly extracted coffee.

The pods they are perfect for all those places that generally have low consumption, just like pubs, breweries, intimate restaurants, wine bars, etc.

In short, for restaurants I think the benefits are now quite evident.

If you want more information you can write me an email at [email protected] or call me at +39 3756877940.


If you are looking for the way to offer a quality coffee in the simplest and fastest possible way, becoming independent on this front too, pods are perfect for your business.

In fact, coffee is always a bit of a problem in catering: either you already have an espresso machine at your disposal installed at the venue or a capsule machine must be used.

First of all, however, the capsules have a lower cup yield than pods despite the fact that they cost more. The machines for the capsules are not professional, i.e. they do not have the same performance and they do not have a steam wand and hot water dispenser.

The pod machine solves these problems, requiring only a power outlet.
Foto della macchina a cialde che Ernani offre ai clienti

The machine is in fact completely autonomous: the water to make the coffees is loaded from above, into a 4.5 Lt reservoir, while underneath is the tray for the waste water.

And it is also a professional machine with group sets dispensers, ideal pressures and temperatures to extract the best coffee. The only thing that changes is the filter, that is created to accommodate the paper pod.


For offices, the same is true for restaurants and caterers: offering colleagues, collaborators, suppliers and customers an excellent coffee, always fresh and with an amazing aromatic profile, in the simplest way possible.

You don’t have to invest in super automatic and very expensive equipment and will not even have to give up the taste of a good coffee.

Everyone will be able to prepare his own coffee in a simple way, without even excluding colleagues who prefer tea, hot milk or barley and ginseng.

Or again: someone may like the mild coffee, others the more bitter and still others the perfect combination of the same.

A single machine will satisfy all requests.


If you love espresso, but don’t have the space for a high-performance machine or don’t have a good grinder, pods are right for you!

In short, the pods are simple to use, qualitatively approved, compostable and cost less than the capsules.

Those looking for these features can buy the product here:

Now I won’t write another chapter on the machine as I have already partly explained it.

In general, however, I specify that there are two types of pod machines: professional ones and domestic ones.

As to professional ones we recommend the pod machine by B&P, built with great care and with sturdy materials.

It is perfect for restaurants, offices and catering, also resembling an espresso machine in appearance.

Consumes less energy than one professional espresso machine, can be connected to the 220V current, it does not necessarily require a loading and unloading system and also possesses a spearsteam and hot water dispenser.

For home, however, this machine is not good. Here are other models recommended for the domestic:

La Piccola
Esempio di macchina domestica per le cialde che consiglio: La Piccola, con anche lancia vapore ed erogatore acqua calda, di colore bianco.
Esempio di macchina domestica per le cialde che consiglio: Fabero, compatta e di ottima fattura, colore nero e oro.
I conclude by renewing once again my availability to deepen each topic or to answer your questions.
Contact me on +39 3756879940 or by email at [email protected], I’m Martina and I will always answer!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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