ERNANI VOYAGE: the new coffee tasting pack.

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Foto rappresentativa del prodotto Ernani Voyage, la nuova confezione degustazione di Caffè Ernani, con ben 10 diversi caffè in pacchettini da 100g in grani o macinato
The time has finally come…
The newest product for incredible tasting by Ernani is online!

I can’t tell you how happy I am about this news. The whole Ernani team, along with myself, Martina, we worked on it for a really long time — we wanted everything to be perfect.

We started with you!

We at Ernani Coffee truly care about our customers and respect and consider your every opinion, advice and even criticism.

When you ask us questions, we immediately save them in our systems so that we remember what is most interesting for you to know.

When you ask us for advice about extraction, grinding, or using a machine, we take action to create new content for the site or social that can help you resolve any concerns.

And finally, when you make a request or criticism, we take it up with even more enthusiasm, as you give us a way to improve and add products and services that are critical to you!

Therefore, Ernani Voyage also started from you, our customers, readers and followers!

What is Ernani Voyage?

Ernani Voyage is the newest product from Caffè Ernani, launched just today, Thursday, Dec. 14, on

It will then be available in Torrefazione Ernani in Milan starting Saturday, December 16.

This new product is more than a coffee, it is more than a taste and it is more even than a tasting-it is an experience!
A sensory experience that will make you fall even more in love with coffee and discover its flavors and homelands.
Ernani Voyage tells you about coffee as a whole, from the plantation overseas to the cup prepared at home!


The elegant package contains:
  • 10 different coffees, including blends and single-origins;
  • All in 100g packages;
  • Beans or ground for mocha, espresso or filter coffee.
Specifically you will find:
  1. Ethiopian sidamo, washed arabica
  2. Guatemala Huehuetenango – Specialty coffee, washed arabica
  3. Brazil, Women’s Coffee – Specialty coffee, washed arabica
  4. Colombia Finca la Meseta, washed arabica
  5. India Kalledevarapura, semi-washed arabica
  6. Brazil Bom Chocolate, natural arabica
  7. Blue Diamond, 100% Arabica blend, Gold Medal winner at International Coffee Tasting, 2023
  8. Allegro, blend 70% arabica and 30% robusta
  9. Harmony, blend 60% arabica and 40% robusta
  10. Tight, 100% robusta blend
There is no other product with so many different coffees in it!

Finally you can choose whether to buy the packet with coffee beans or ground coffee in the different options:

  • Ground for Moka
  • Ground for Espresso
  • Ground for Napoletana
  • Ground for Turkish
  • Ground for Paper Filter
  • Ground for Metal Filter

If you wish, below I point you to the individual coffees to view the product sheets and learn more about them:

3 reasons to buy Ernani Voyage

We created it for three different reasons, the same reasons you should buy it:

1. Figuring out the perfect coffee for yourself

In fact, online we have as many as 12 different coffees, including blends, single-origins and solidarity projects.

Choosing the right coffee for yourself is not always super easy, especially if it is the first time you are approaching this world, which is full of specific terms, such as “arabica,” “robusta,” “washed,” “natural,” “highland,” “medium roast,” etc.

How then to choose the right coffee?

It is definitely best to let one’s mouth and taste decide.

To do so, you will no longer have to buy all our coffees in the 250g format…

Just buy Ernani Voyage, try them all, or almost all, and only then choose the right one for yourself!

2. Finding out what flavors a coffee can have

If you do not feel akin to the first group above, as you already know the perfect coffee or flavor for you.

But are you really sure? Have you already tried intensely aromatic, intensely aromatic Medium and Medium-light Roast coffees with well-defined and explosive flavors?

Have you ever tasted a coffee that is fruity, chocolaty, citrusy and more?

So why not try them once and for all and be carried away by the experience!

Who knows, maybe you will discover a new flavor that will make you fall hopelessly in love!

3. Being able to change coffee every day
Last, but not least, is definitely the possibility of being able to change coffee every day!

Why limit yourself to buying one small package when you can have 10?

Each day you can then choose which taste you would like to enjoy, depending on the mood of the day or your mood of the moment.

Or even based on your needs–in the afternoon you can choose an arabica coffee with less caffeine, and for the morning wake-up call a nice blend containing some robusta!

Have I still not convinced you completely? Continue reading below!

Travel the world with a cup of coffee!

Why did we specifically choose “Voyage” as our name?

And why does it also say “Travel the world with a cup of coffee” on the package?

Simple! Because with every sip of every little package you open, your mind, your knowledge and your taste buds will set off on journeys to Central and South America, Asia and Africa.

Indeed, the grains are indelibly marked by their land of origin.

The aromatic notes they express after roasting, the characteristics and conformity of the grain, the taste, the organoleptic profile, and their specific techniques all derive from the territory where the plant is inserted and has grown for its entire life.

Altitude, soil composition, the amount of sun, wind and water during the year, other plants surrounding the plantation, etc. all change the end result that the coffee beans will offer once in the cup.

P.S. This discussion obviously applies only to selected raw coffees that are quality and therefore faultless and expertly roasted to a medium or light level.

In the taste of each Ernani coffee you will therefore find a little piece of the land of the country of origin of the coffee in question.
Don’t worry, you will not have to do anything but let us at Cafe Ernani guide you!

On the label of all the different types of coffee inside the Ernani Voyage you will find a QR code, which will refer you to the product page of the coffee in question, where you will find its full description.

You will also see a section called “Coffee History” in which we tell you:
  • When and how coffee first came to the country;
  • Any other very nice and funny legends;
  • What are the coffee-growing areas in the country and their different characteristics;
  • The specific area of the coffee we purchased and the plantation;
  • Landscape features;
  • Trivia and small anecdotes;
  • Photos of plantations.

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Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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