Extracting coffee with the Aeropress

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Coffee is not just espresso! There are so many alternative methods of extraction!

One of these is actually with Aeropress!

The Aeropress is nothing more than a cylindrical plastic piston: light, compact, and simple in use.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that it is increasingly seen in vogue among campers and adventurers on Instagram. Content creators who make Aeropress the main subject of their posts, reels and stories.

Where did this instrument originate?

The Aeropress comes from California, invented by Alan Adler of 2005, an engineering professor at Stanford University.

The same inventor of the Aerobie Pro flying ring(visible in the image below) and owner of the Frisbee manufacturing company.

The inspiration came to him precisely from the desire to be able to have a restorative coffee at any time and in any condition.

Especially a coffee that is suitable for sportsmen, which can be prepared quickly, to be consumed during various competitions.

Now the coffee world thanks him for Aeropress, an affordable and versatile tool elected among brewing extraction systems, i.e., manual coffee extraction methods.

How is it prepared?

What I am going to write below is the guide for the reversed method, my favorite.

This is because, by holding the tool in the opposite direction in the first stage of preparation, the ground coffee has a chance to steep in the hot water longer; as a result, a more intense flavor profile can be extracted.

The general points to follow are 3:
  1. The dose to be considered is 65gr of mince per 1l of water;
  2. Water should be heated to a temperature between 75°C and 85°C. The only way to find out the ideal temperature is to try! Try different extractions at different temperatures and find out which one you prefer!
  3. The coffee should be medium-fine ground, very similar to mocha coffee. Compared with other manual filter extraction methods, Aeropress requires a finer particle size because a minimum amount of pressure is impressed on the grind. The latter must then be able to keep the water from running off too quickly.
Cutting to the chase, brew your own coffee by following these steps:
  • Use 13 g of mince per 200 ml of water (following the dose written in step 1 above) to make 2 cups;
  • Mount the instrument, turn it in the opposite direction and warm it up, as well as the paper filter. After that, dry it;
  • Pour the mince, into the reservoir above, and level it off with taps;
  • At this point in 30 seconds discharge all 200 ml of water in a swift, circular motion to create a vortex;
  • Stir the infusion with a spoon;
  • Mount the filter and empty the inner tube, i.e., press the plunger until the filter reaches the liquid level;
  • Let it steep for about 1 minute;
  • Turn the instrument upside down inside a container and apply constant pressure to extract the coffee!

The coffee is ready!

This is much easier done than said!

As you can see, it is really quick and easy to make coffee with Aeropress.

That is why it has become a very popular tool among campers!

What you get is a rich aromatic and caffeinated coffee!

When choosing your coffee, I recommend opting for a single-origin Arabica so that you get an intense, broad and distinctive flavor spectrum that enhances sweeter and fresher notes of fruit and citrus, bringing with it zero bitterness!

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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