Fiorenzato’s two new coffee grinders: Pietro grinder and All ground

I maestri della tostatura media

Fiorenzato, in collaboration with Pietro Grinders, has launched two brand new, super high-performance coffee grinders:

  • Peter, the best manual coffee grinder on the market to date
  • All Ground, compact, beautiful and incredibly accurate electric grinder!

For those of you who are not familiar with it, Fiorenzato is a leading Italian company in the coffee grinder industry.

Their story starts in Mestre back in 1936 when Pietro, the founder, following his experience as a worker in one of the few Italian coffee grinder companies, decided to create his own brand.

Through this experience, combined with his passion, he founded what to this day is the leading company in the industry.

An all-Italian story that has represented the technological vanguard in the world of coffee grinders and coffee grinders for over eighty years.

The evolution continues to this day with the release of the last two products-Peter and All Ground.

Peter – manual coffee grinder

We have already made the premise, so let’s get straight to the point.


  • The grinding lever is ergonomic and retractable, making it compact and easy to carry;
  • It is super easy to clean, in fact you just click on the little button under the lever, tilt it 45°, and it immediately releases to show you the grinding chamber;
  • Pietro is the only manual coffee grinder that uses a horizontal axis of rotation, thus with the grinds placed vertically to always have fewer grams of coffee retained between the grinds;
  • The grinding adjustment system is easy and intuitive with the numbered dial. Each click corresponds to 15 microns of distance between the grinds, for making small adjustments with maximum precision, with the additional possibility of intermediate clicks for displacements of 7.5 microns;
  • The body is made of aluminum, and all areas in contact with the coffee are coated with food-grade polymers to have the highest quality of extracted coffee;
  • The grindstones are very important: 58mm in diameter, made of bohler m340 steel, Dark-T coated and manufactured by Fiorenzato. So big words to say that it offers an invaluable guarantee of performance and durability;
  • Produced in as many as 6 different colors, one more beautiful and pop than the other;
  • Finally, you can choose the most suitable grinder for espresso, with bimodal grinding, or the one for mono-modal filter extractions.

And if you want to watch all the parts just mentioned, here is the video below!

We have tried it at several fairs and have now been testing it in the lab for over two months and I must say we are more than satisfied!

It is solid, sturdy, ergonomic, precise, and easy to use.

Whether you are a professional or a great home coffee lover, this is the right choice for you!

All Ground – On Demand Electric Coffee Grinder

Instead, I now present the other grinder, the electric grinder, designed for home use, but also for professional use in the case of low-power rooms.

Or even for those establishments that want to offer a special coffee that is different from the traditional over-the-counter coffee.


  • It is on-demand, so it grinds only the desired amount to make one or two coffees. This always results in fresh ground coffee that is intense in aroma;
  • We got the weight model, that is, when you place the espresso machine assembly on the fork, it first tares and then starts grinding coffee. So if you have set a 16g dose for double coffee, AllGround will always grind you 16g. This implies perfect consistency in dose, even if you change the grain size;
  • The touch screen is easy and intuitive in operation and programming;
  • The millstones are 64mm diameter, made of Bohler m340 steel, Dark-T coated and manufactured by Fiorenzato. So again many words to say that the company offers a guarantee of very long performance and durability;
  • The numbered dial is also super intuitive, accurately and easily indicating the grinding level for espresso, mocha, and filter;
    In addition, each shot corresponds to 10 microns;
  • The size is small and the bell holds a maximum of one pound of coffee beans;
  • Produced in so many color combinations, one more beautiful than the other;

Watch the video below!

We also tried this at different fairs and now we are testing it at Ernani roasting in Milan receiving only great results!

It is accurate, fast, quiet and steady.

If you consider yourself a true coffee lover and have been looking for a quality electric grinder, you’ve found it!

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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