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Today is Thursday, December 2, 2021. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, a couple of chocolates will already be gone from your advent calendar, and preparations have begun.

At least we have started thinking about where we will celebrate, with whom, and have made the gift list.

So here are 3 more gift ideas from the Ernani Coffee team!

These are 3 original and different gifts from the usual, definitely appreciated by coffee lovers!

Let’s start with the first one!

Those who have known us for some time know that Torrefazione Ernani in Milan at Christmas time is filled with baskets.

We have them of all kinds!

Starting with the packaging, which are absolutely reusable pieces of furniture in different styles and materials: in wood, iron, wicker, rope, ceramic, and even glass.

Within them we can include food products, such as Stringhetto jams, 100% Italian honey, cookies, Venchi and Majani chocolate, 100% vegetable products from In.vece, Ernani hot chocolate, Meridiani tea, as well as the ever-present Ernani coffee.

But also gift items, such as: mokes, teacups, tea cups, breakfast mugs, teapots, manual coffee grinders, tea filters, and much more!

All carefully decorated and extremely elegantly presented, either proposed by us or prepared on your commission.

Starting from €15.00, up to the amount you want!

In short, a product that is 100% customizable and definitely appreciated.

Available for purchase at Torrefazione Ernani in Corso Buenos Aires, 20 in Milan, 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. at night. 50m from the M1 Porta Venezia stop.

Below I leave a few examples:

Meet the second gift!

A different gift than usual, never before offered by us at Ernani, but we are finally ready to announce the arrival ofErnani Academy!

We are delighted to have come this far and welcome you, your family or friends inside our Production Workshop!

At our headquarters you can then participate in various courses on the world of coffee, to get to know it in its entirety and fully learn every facet of it, making you able to independently distinguish a quality coffee from a non-quality one.

To purchase courses, simply email [email protected] indicating the course you choose and the number of participants! We will choose the date together, dovetailing our availability with yours!

Course costs range from €30.00 to €60.00 and are:
  • Green coffee – goal: to acquire skills on the raw material: raw coffee;
  • Toasting-objective: learn about roasting processes and the roasting curve;
  • Cafeteria – goal: to train a 100 percent barista on coffee knowledge and processing, as well as on the use and maintenance of equipment;
  • Espresso tasting -objective: supplies tools to taste an espresso and make a complete organoleptic analysis;
  • Brewing – objective: proper extraction of coffee using manual methods alternative to espresso.

All are open both to people who are already experts in the field and who would like to learn more about topics or discuss them with us, and to newcomers who are eager to discover a little more about the drink they so love and consume every day.

You don’t have to already know this world to participate in the courses; we have several facilities for one course, just to adapt to everyone’s needs and level.

Write to us at [email protected] to get all the answers you need!

This brings us to the third gift idea offered by Caffè Ernani, called “Merry Christmas and happy new tree!”

Yes you read “tree” correctly, because what you are going to give away is really a tree!

Let me explain further.

For Christmas we created a new product, namely two 250g packs of the For the Planet blend joined together in Christmas packaging.

This way every time you buy the two packs together, you will plant a tree with the proceeds!

What you are giving away is an excellent coffee, certainly appreciated in its uniqueness, body, smoothness, and aromaticity, but not only that!

You are giving away a project that is actively committed to the environment. You are donating sustainably and ethically, from the coffees you choose, to the initiative made possible with the collaboration of Gone West.

You can explore this further with another article available on ABCoffee at

Of course, all this will also be brought to the attention of those who receive the gift, thanks to a brochure included in the packages explaining the project.

It will be available both at Torrefazione Ernani in Milan and on our e-commerce >>

Do you like these 3 new gift ideas?

We look forward to seeing you on our website or in the roastery!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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