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I maestri della tostatura media

In this time of fierce competition in the sector, it is importance to stand out from competitors and use a true industry expert approach.

To fill this gap and offer help to all bar and café managers, Ernani Academy has created a course that can offer all the information and skills needed to better manage their cafes.

In Italy we have an “old-fashioned” approach where many of the notions and knowledge in the restaurant business are passed down by word of mouth, according to patterns and customs that are now passé. We do not doubt that some of these have relevance and that experience cannot be overcome by theory alone, but if you want to run a successful business you need to bring the two worlds together, starting with the technical basics of economics, finance, communication and strategy.

At Caffè Ernani, who love this industry and seek every day to educate as many professionals as possible to grow and improve together, created our Academy in 2020, dedicated precisely to professionals in the industry.

This year, in 2024, we launched the last new course: the Bar Management course.

A course taught by marketing experts, with years of experience in managing cafeterias, where crucial topics will be covered:

  • Starting the business;
  • Goal setting;
  • Calculation of food cost and Break Even Point;
  • Sales strategies and menu creation.

They may seem like superfluous topics, but every day we see dozens of bars struggling in this world, and we believe that every true industry expert needs to know how to read and use these fundamental tools that we offer at Ernani Academy.

Course structure

The course will be structured as follows:
  • We will start the course with the notions of how to start the Business, specifically we will see:
    • Brand Identity Analysis;
    • Defining the Core business of the activity;
    • Identification of the desired customers target;
    • Creation of Marketing and communication plan;
    • Searching for the perfect team to join your business and its training.
  • We will then formulate goals and related strategies to achieve them;
  • Compulsorily going through the calculation of Food Cost and Break Even Point, which is the break-even point of each activity;
  • Once the activity starts, data collection and analysis becomes crucial. Here we will also provide you with all the materials that might be useful to implement in your own venue!
  • In all this, there can be no lack of organization of the work area and the type of offer proposed to customers, also reasoning about more modern and contemporary products and furnishings;
  • Finally we will conclude our journey with an understanding of sales strategies.
The whole course will take 4 hours, which can be done either online or in person at our Ernani Academy hall in Desio (MB).


We decided to create this course because of the philosophy behind Ernani’s signature Academy, which is to be a benchmark for all industry professionals who have a desire to improve themselves every day!

Indeed, the course aims to impart useful notions and insights to Cafeteria owners, entrepreneurs and managers on how to carry out an economic and financial analysis of their business, calculating the food cost, in order to forecast future investments and/or strategies.

How to register?

There is no real course calendar with set dates, as we have decided to be flexible to try to meet all your requests.

In fact, we know that those who work in this field often have only one day off, and this varies throughout the week, so feel free to write to us about your availability and we will make arrangements.

That is why in the registration form we have left the option to enter the two dates that are most convenient for you.

Our only requests are:

  • A notice of at least 2 weeks before the desired date, so that we can prepare ourselves in the best possible way and offer you the best service;
  • A minimum of two participants. If you do not know anyone to participate with, we will enter you in our records and you will be contacted as soon as there is a vacancy.
Compila le informazioni qui sotto per attivare il tuo corso!

    What course are you interested in?*

    Desired date for course participation*

    Second desired date for course participation*

    For any other questions click on the whatsapp button below in the corner!

    We have done our part, now it is all in your hands!

    Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
    Coffee Lover


    Martina Mazzoleni

    Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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