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As every year, October 1st is the International Coffee Day, together with MilanoCaffè 2022.

On this day we like to promote a different characteristic of coffee and its supply chain every year:

  • in fact, in 2019 we opened the doors of our roasting lab in Desio to show how raw material is transformed;
  • In 2020 we allowed you to taste the first single origin espresso served at the bar of the Torrefazione in Milan, to broaden our horizons and experience first-hand the fact that “coffee is not just a coffee” and that each of them has a completely different aromatic profile;
  • Finally, in 2021, you had the opportunity to get to know two projects we care very much about: the Caffè delle Donne, following our enrollment in the International Alliance of Women in Italian coffee, and the For the Planet blend in collaboration with Gone West, for environmental support. In this case, we discovered how the coffee sector is committed to protecting both rights and the environment.

This year we return to our production laboratory, to involve you 100% in the creation of a blend!

In fact, it was you who guided us in the creation of a new and unprecedented coffee!

In fact, on the occasion of the International Coffee Day and MilanoCaffè 2022, we will present at the historic roasting shop in Corso Buenos Aires, 20 and on the website www.caffeernani.com a new blend, called “My coffee”.

We all of the Ernani team wanted to give a real and concrete space to our customers, together with active users on our social channels. We therefore decided to launch a contest: #BuildYourBlend, that is, create your own blend!

For a week we have therefore published, in the stories of the @caffeernani profile on

Instagram, a series of questions useful for creating the organoleptic profile and the composition of the future blend.

You all answered and the option with the most votes won!


In the first question we asked what degree of sweetness was desired: whether a “very sweet”, “moderately sweet” or “not at all sweet” coffee.

The most awarded entry was: “Medium sweet“.

The second request was “what degree of bitterness was desired”.

We are very proud of this result in particular, as the followers replied “Almost zero bitterness”, finding us in total agreement with them, intent on tasting more fragrant coffees rather than bitter and full-bodied.

Below we asked for the level of acidity, winning, as in the first case, the item “Medium acid”.

Finally, the last question concerned the desired aromatic notes, including “fresher and sweeter notes of citrus and fruit” or “more rounded, of chocolate and caramel”.

The winner was the second.

All these data were then delivered to Paolo and Andrea, the roasters at Caffè Ernani, who immediately set to work to create the blend that reflected all desired parameters.

The creation of the blend

The creation of the blend was more complicated than we expected, as we wanted to offer a Premium, which truly reflects 100% the characteristics you desire and, above all, which is different from all the other Ernani blends, not a simple reblending of coffees already in our experience…

We started by taking one of our single origin coffee still not present in other blends, namely Guatemala, combining it with another Arabica coffees that could give a good sweetness and a soft acidity, however, realizing that these two coffees together did not give the desired result.

We then mixed them with 4 other Arabica origins, but we weren’t there yet.

We had to change our main subject, so we went from Guatemala to Colombia, then joining it to the Indian Kalledevarapura.

Perfect, the base was there: sweetness and creaminess, but lack of originality.

Thus Guatemala returns and… yes, now here we are!

The sweetness and creaminess is now balanced by the acidity of the fruit!

However, that rounder note of chocolate was still missing, and perhaps a little more body.

And this is where the robusta came in!

Initially we did not want to insert it, to reflect the request for “almost zero bitterness”, but trying was wort it!

And fortunately…

It was exactly what the blend lacked: Congo Mombasa, which thanks to its high quality combined with the Medium Roast, does not release any bitter notes, making acidity and sweetness prevail, giving body and cream together.

Here is finally presented the blend “My coffee”, because anyone who orders it, will really order “His coffee”!

Sensory description

Will you feel on the palate?

The blend is composed of 85% Arabica coffee and 15% Robusta coffee.

The prevailing taste is, as already mentioned, the sweetness of fruit and chocolate, balanced by a soft freshness given by citrus fruits, festing with aromatic intensity and creaminess!
The part of Arabica coffee is made up specifically of:
  • Colombiano Supremo Finca la Meseta, with notes of fruit and almonds;
  • Indian Kalledevarapura Estate, creamy and round coffee, with sweet aromas of chocolate, vanilla and fruit;
  • Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango Specialty Coffee, intense and fruity, with a good freshness given by the notes of red fruits.

While the part of Robusta is entirely made of the single origin Congo Mombasa, an excellent intense robust, creamy and full-bodied, with an aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Where to try and buy it

The “My coffee” blend will be available at the Torrefazione Ernani in Milan where you will be able to taste it extracted in espresso. It will also be possible to buy it there for later home use, both in beans and ground at the moment, tailored to your needs!

For those who cannot go to Milan, Il Mio Caffè will also be present on the caffeernani.com website, in the 250g format in beans or ground, for mocha, espresso or filter.


It will be available for a very limited period of 3 days, i.e. only on the occasion of the International Coffee Day, on 1, 2 and 3 October.

We can’t wait to let you taste it and receive your feedback!

Do you like it? You tell us!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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