MAI Blend, the art of creating a blend.

I maestri della tostatura media

We at Caffè Ernani always have an eye for all those entities that have the desire to try their hand at new projects, which is why we welcomed with open arms the proposal to organise an event requested by ‘Il Voltino’.

An experimental café in the Pavia area that, like us, puts quality and initiative at the service of the coffee world and its customers.

This gave rise to ‘Mai Blend’ – the art of creating a blend from scratch using our single-origin Specialty Coffees.

Da qui nasce “Mai Blend” – l’arte di creare una miscela partendo da zero utilizzando i nostri monorigine Specialty Coffee.

Our choice fell on creating a blend. We want to honour an art that is being lost nowadays, to the detriment of single-origins with high qualities, but more similar in aroma. Our desire is to try to unite these two worlds to achieve the best possible result.

Blending makes it possible to create, through the union of several elements, something unique that would otherwise not exist.

Blending has always been a feature of Italian coffee making, making the Bel Paese unique in terms of both coffee and taste. Our desire through this event is to rediscover a process that deserves much more respect.

The blend created during the event will have to respect certain parameters that we will provide you with on the day itself.

Even the choice of name is not random, we have used the play on words and assonance between the English pronoun “my” (my = translated into Italian) and the Italian adverb of time “mai”, to indicate the total absence of blends in the product catalogue of “Il Voltino”.

The only weapon at your disposal will be your imagination!

The “game”

There will be 30 places available for 30 fierce coffee lovers eager to learn, taste and test themselves in a fun team game.

In fact, they will be divided into 3 groups of 10 competitors, each of which will form a team that, through mutual help and exchange of opinions, will try to create a blend as similar as possible to the one requested:

The competition will comprise 3 main phases:
  • First phase: tasting and guided tasting of the Ernani coffees that will be used during the day: one Brazilian, one Colombian and one Tanzanian. High-quality single-origin Arabica and Robusta coffees, strictly Medium Roast, will accompany the teams throughout the course;
  • Phase Two: preparation and creation of the Mai Blend. This is the phase where the participants’ knowledge and taste will come into play, with the possibility of playing with doses and percentages to obtain the best possible blend, using only the Ernani coffees tasted beforehand. So we will tell you which blend we want from you and you have to create it and let us taste it!
  • Phase three: tasting and award ceremony. To make the competition more exciting, La Marzocco coffee experts will judge the creations.

The team that comes closest to the blend we requested will be the “MAI BLEND” champion.

Which of you will win the prize?

The prize

To the winners, in addition to the glory of course, we will give away the coffees tasted beforehand, along with other Ernani branded gadgets.

All participants will be able to reserve their packet(s) of the winning blend of the day. Following the reservation they will then be able to collect their ‘MAI BLEND’ coffee for the whole of the following month at Il voltino in Pavia.

We at Ernani will personally roast and blend the coffees after the competition, following the recipe written by the winners to make this moment as meaningful as possible.

Everything you need to know about the event

When and at what time?

Saturday 6 July

From 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm


Via Defendente sacchi, 19/21


At Il Voltino, experimental cafeteria

How to register?

Contact the owner of “Il Voltino” Francesco directly on 338 120 2975

Hurry up, there are only a few places available!!!

Remember the most important thing… the event is completely free!

If we have intrigued you and you want to get involved, sign up now!

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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