Medium roast coffee, intensely aromatic

I maestri della tostatura media

What does “medium roast coffee” mean?

Coffee arrives in Italy raw, the famous green coffee.

The roaster’s job is to process that material to create the product we all know, see, and taste at the coffee shop every day.

However, there are different levels of roasting:
  • Clear: mainly used for filter coffees in northern Europe;
  • Medium: the one selected by us at Caffè Ernani;
  • Dark: also referred to as “Italian roast,” as preferred by most Italian roasters.

These three different roast levels, even when applied to the exact same batch of a given coffee, produce completely different results in the cup.

Why did Ernani choose a medium roasting level?

Dark roasting is used to hide all the defects of low-quality raw coffee. Defects may be, for example, spoiled coffee beans, smell of jute, stagnant water and mold, or even taste of rubber or ash. Roasting coffees so much hides all the flaws.

On the flip side, however, you also remove the merits, namely all the natural scents or aromas of coffee. In addition, in the cup, the coffee will be very bitter, with burnt aromas; for this reason sugar is very often used to hide this intense bitterness.

At Caffè Ernani, on the other hand, by making a selection in the beginning of the raw beans and choosing only those of high quality and without defects, we can afford to roast coffees less. This will bring out all the natural flavors and aromas of the grains. In the cup, the coffee will therefore turn out aromatic and good even without sugar!

The benefits of medium roast coffee:

  • Gives less heartburn
  • It is easy to get used to drinking it without sugar: instead of taking in 20 calories, you will take in only 2 calories if you taste it without sugar, as well as gaining health of course
  • Contains more caffeine
  • No bitterness can be felt in the cup
  • Aromas are more intense and well delineated

With Ernani coffee blends, it will be easy to get used to drinking coffee without sugar, discovering the true aromas of authentic Italian coffee!

Discern the perfect blend for you by answering 3 simple questions.

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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