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Are you a curious person? Are you a coffee lover? Are you an operator in the sector? You love TV shows like “How is it done?”

Then this article is for you!

Today we will talk about the Ernani coffee Academy!

The goal of the Academy is precisely to allow everyone discover the world of coffee, from professionals to simple cup lovers, but above all to those who are not satisfied with “it’s like this, because we have always done it the old way” and want to deepen the topics to really get to know them.

But no more chatter and let’s get started!

How the Ernani coffee Academy was born

The Ernani roasting took shape from Luca and Claudia’s desire to serve a really good and intensely aromatic coffee, without that classic burnt aftertaste and that strong bitter note.

Together with Paolo, the roaster of Caffè Ernani, they began the whole project with the desire to give a new life and a breath of fresh air to the Italian espresso.

The continuous training of the whole team, the continuous search for improvement and everything that revolves around it, has given rise to an enormous and unbridled passion for the roasted bean.

To tell the whole truth coffee is not only our job, but our great love and what gives us the strength to improve both as professionals, as a company, and as individuals.

Someone surely will not believe these words, but what I always answer is “as soon as you discover what lies behind the cup of coffee, you cannot remain indifferent” … this world overwhelms you and ALWAYS fascinates you!

At this point it was therefore clear the desire to convey all this to you too, whether you are a professional or a simple fan of the dark grain, just like us!

How to do it?

By creating our Ernani Academy!

Discover the Ernani Academy

Ernani Academy courses The Academy has 6 courses, ranging in all macro areas of the coffee sector, namely:

  1. Green Coffee – the course designed to acquire skills on the raw material processed, raw coffee, also called green coffee;
  2. Roasting – the perfect course to learn how to read the roasting curve and understand the different methods and levels;
  3. Cafeteria – the course suitable for professionals in the sector, to acquire knowledge on the raw material processed and on the extraction phase of the beverage;
  4. From single origin to Ernani blends – the course that has a dual function: introduction to the espresso tasting course and understanding how the different coffees influence the aromatic profile of the final blend;
  5. Espresso tasting – the course as a true sommelier, which will give you all the tools suitable for carrying out a complete organoleptic analysis of the espresso;
  6. Brewing – the course that requires the most manual skills of all, to deepen the methods of extraction of coffee as an alternative to espresso.
Green Coffee

As we have already said, in this course we try to deepen the knowledge of the origin of the supply chain, thus discovering everything that happens to the bean still in the country of origin: from birth, to harvest, to processing and export.

Course program:

  • Origin and type of green coffee;
  • Coffee harvesting and processing methods;
  • Examination of green coffee samples;
  • Organoleptic profile and area of ​​origin;
  • The defects of green coffee;
  • Marketing of raw coffee.

All this takes 4 hours.

This course, on the other hand, covers one of the most fascinating phases, namely that of the transformation from the green bean to the roasted one that we all know.

You will be immersed in an amazing coffee fragrance all the time!

Attention! Taking a course is not enough to learn how to roast … this takes years of practice and training. Surely the Roasting course will give you the basics to understand where and how to start.

Course program:

  • Basic knowledge of green coffee and its selection;
  • The roasting process;
  • Useful tools for roasting;
  • Chemical-physical transformations of the coffee bean;
  • The roasting color;
  • Roasting test;
  • Tasting of roasted coffee.

Time required: 4 hours.

If you work behind the bar or use an espresso machine at home, this is the perfect course for you, learning how to extract an excellent coffee with consistency and awareness.

Course program:

  • Basic knowledge of green coffee;
  • Selecting a good over-the-counter blend;
  • Definition of espresso;
  • Espresso extraction;
  • Selection of equipment;
  • Equipment maintenance and cleaning.

All this takes 5 hours.

N.B.: It is also possible to request the Latte Art course, but it will be carried out separately, in another 8 hours.

From single origin to blends The course that combines awareness and knowledge of the blend, understanding how it is created and structured, together with the introduction for the tasting of the espresso.

Course program:

  • Basic knowledge of green coffee;
  • Basic knowledge of roasting levels;
  • Definition of espresso;
  • Sensory analysis and compilation of the tasting sheets;
  • Tasting of the final blend and its description.

The time required for its development is 4 hours.

From single origin to blend
Espresso tasting

One of the longest courses requiring constant concentration, but perhaps also one of the most popular and fun.

Useful for discovering in depth what is hidden in the incredible taste of a “simple” cup of coffee.

Never be fooled again by the word “quality” used inappropriately by anyone! After this course you will immediately recognize a good coffee on your own!

Course program:

  • Basic knowledge of green coffee;
  • Basic knowledge of roasting levels;
  • Definition of espresso;
  • Sensory analysis;
  • Compilation of tasting cards;
  • Espresso coffee tasting and its description.

This course takes 6 hours.

Andhere we are at the last course: coffee extraction with manual methods alternative to the espresso machine.

Yes, because coffee is not just espresso… coffee changes shape, taste, temperatures, aromas and so on.

This is why there are many alternative extraction methods, including our beloved Moka!

So find out how to use them all and choose your favorite!

Course program:

  • Knowledge of green coffee;
  • Basic knowledge about roasting levels;
  • Definition of brewing with their basic recipe;
  • Practical extraction by different methods;
  • Coffee tasting and description.

For a necessary time of 5 hours.

How to enroll in the Ernani Academy

All courses are held at the company’s headquarters in Desio, Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 19 (MB), or, if you work in a club, we can come to you!

We are usually available from Monday to Friday. However, it is possible to take the course also on Saturday, in exchange for a small price supplement.

How to book?

There is no real course calendar, as we have decided to be flexible based on your requests and your free days!

So each course is carried out only on your request. That’s why in the registration form we have left the possibility to enter the two dates that are most comfortable for you, and we will organize ourselves accordingly!

We require only two things to be able to carry out the course:

  • A notice of at least 2 weeks before the desired date, so that we can prepare ourselves in the best possible way and offer you the best service;
  • A minimum of two participants. If you do not know anyone to participate with, we will put you in our records and you will be contacted as soon as there is a vacancy, joining other students.

    What course are you interested in?*

    Desired date for course participation*

    Second desired date for course participation*

    Some numbers:

    • 6 Courses available;
    • 365 days of availability per year;
    • More than 150 coffee lovers and industry professionals already trained at the Ernani Academy;
    • 400 square meters at your disposal;
    • 3 trainers, Andrea Panizzardi, a great Piedmontese professional, has recently joined the Ernani team!


    All our spaces can also be used by you!

    Do you need to allow your clients to try out the equipment, or are you a Neo-Trainer, but you lack a room to hold your personal courses?

    We make them available to us with everything you need!

    I just have to say: “We are waiting for you at the Ernani Academy!”

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    Coffee Lover


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    Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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