New offline event between coffee and books!

I maestri della tostatura media

Get ready everyone because a new offline event has arrived in collaboration with Another Coffee Stories.

This time the innovative publishing house has really outdone itself, and we look forward to presenting the whole day!

Literary Stations: Author Destinations

The entire day is designed to take you on an extraordinary journey through three different literary themes, stimulating all five senses!

But how exactly?

In the refined setting of the Cabinet Art Gallery in Milan, Another Coffee Stories, the Milan-based publishing house offering the innovative concept of synaesthetic reading, promises to combine art and literature, and of course our Ernani coffee, in an unprecedented experience.

The event represents a unique combination of the fascination of words and the beauty of the synaesthetic approach, which will transform the world of literature into a tangible reality.

Mutual contamination between the senses. It occurs when stimulations from one sense induce experiences, automatic and involuntary, in a second sense.

For example, the robustness of a coffee might remind one of a gory, unforgiving plot.

Inside the Gallery there will be three tracks with historic carriages, which will take you to unique literary worlds through different settings and atmospheres dedicated to three authors who have made the history of world literature-Doris, Gulliver, and Holden.

Each author will then be the keeper of a special track-a setting that reflects his or her work.

Choose the track and style that best represents you and enjoy the opportunity to immerse yourself in these worlds, where art, good food, coffee, and literature come together in one immersive experience.

The role of Café Ernani

We will stimulate the sense of taste!

You can taste as many coffees as you like, prepared through brewing methods, i.e., coffee extraction methods alternative to espresso, such as V60 and Aeropress.

We will have three different single-origin Specialty coffees with us to discover three different flavors of coffee and fully appreciate their aromatic range and the incredible aromas they give off.

So take your coffee and savor it during the book presentation to welcome all the senses into one experience.

Books presented

Track 1
Petricore – Ivana Ferriol

Petricore is the smell of rain beating on the earth.

Petricore is the scent of something good that Eva wants to return to. Fresh, new water, bathing her skin, making her feel that she is still alive. The scent of a new desire, that of starting over…

Petricore is a story about violence, guilt, and Eva’s desire to love herself again, despite everything.

Black Wheat – Paola Migliacci

When she was only 10 years old, Alice, a perfectly healthy child, was abandoned by her mother in Treviso’s Sant’Artemio asylum. Katrin, a psychiatrist full of firm discipline and icy beauty, longs to become a mother. When it is confirmed to her that she is infertile and is therefore left by her husband-a fanatical fascist hierarch-she comes to terms with the same patient madness by devising a diabolical plan so as not to lose her man and her position. Upon the arrival of the new director, Ottavio Mastrelli, Alice will have a chance to try to break free from the enforced confinement that threatens to truly drive her to madness. But, the madness, is not only inside the asylum: outside the war is raging and Treviso is being bombed. Alice fights not to give in to the desire for revenge by showing that it is possible for each of us to keep our humanity unharmed, even when everyone around has inexorably lost it.

Wild Violet – Lisa Guerrini

‘Wild Violet’ is a story of strength and resilience, of realignment with one’s authentic identity. This engaging and touching novel will appeal to anyone who has faced life’s challenges, offering a fascinating portrait of human inner struggle and the ability to rise from the ashes of self-doubt. An invitation to be carried away, to discover hope and to find oneself in the pages of this extraordinary narrative.

Freedom to the robin – Matilde Gallo

“The impact had smashed her, and they had taken care to carry the pieces away. Nothing was left of her. Only the memory of a crash. If you try to fly you should be sure to succeed because there are no second chances. She had tried. Like a clumsy little bird she had flapped her wings hard, hoping that at least the power of the blow could keep her up, but flying doesn’t work that way. It takes technique. And luck.”

Track 2
The Breath of the Stars – Rudy Pesenti

“I pause in the silence and imagine myself in a weekʼs time, facing a beautiful sunset with a huge ball of orange light in front of me. I ask myself, what is left when all the noise weʼre used to fades away? And I answer myself: I am left. With my thoughts, my uncertainties, my living with my sails unfurled in the wind, the circumstances that got me where I am, the people I met by chance, the good emotions and the images that move you when you replay them in your head. When all the noise is gone, in the end, everything remains.”

Saga of the Phoenix – Alessio Signoriello

“I was surprised how the two events, of the book and the poster, had happened so close to each other, and something snapped in me. I felt as if chained, a slave to a fate I had not decided, so I decided to leave. I was going to be an adventurer, I told myself. […]”

A phoenix rises from the ashes of a forgotten fate.

Hidden West – Gabriele Cesena

1 week. This is the time that Aaron, as if suddenly awakened from a long period of torpor, takes to try to put the pieces of his life back together. During a business trip to Lisbon something brings him back to another trip he made to the same city years earlier together with Geneva. But where is she now? Why did their story end and, more importantly, when did it happen? Aaron decides to set out in search of Geneva and the truths he seems to have taken away with her. But will it be enough to plot movements on a map to reach the place where something has gone into hiding?

Blue eyed Tokyo – Mattia Pinna

Amidst the noises, smells, and different stories possible to trace in a pulsating underground Tokyo of attractions, a nameless young woman wanders like a shadow. Or rather, by many names. No one really knows her. And anyone who thinks they know anything about her is wrong. But there is one detail he cannot hide: his almond-shaped blue eyes, more unique than rare. In pursuit of a personal chimera with an abyssal gaze, J.T. Ross, a middle-aged New Yorker writer whose successful novels keep his utterly unsuccessful private life afloat, will choose to hunt down the very woman with a fluid, elusive identity, like a wave of the sea.

The follies of fate – Marco Motta
Track 3
Serene is the Night – Edith Maria Frattosi

Daniel, Claudia, and John are shining candles with the dreams and complications of every teenager. Each is a protagonist in the common story that intertwines their paths. In the provincial town where they live-prison and salvation-they come to terms with life and deal with love and death. Adolescence is like the night: tumultuous, but also serene. And, like everything, the night ends, for better or worse.

The Secret of the Wind – Alessandra Montali

“Always remember that things never happen by accident; if it happened there is always a why, maybe hidden, but it is always there. Giorgio’s abandonment was indispensable for you to regain yourself.”

Francesca, after being abandoned by her partner for another woman, decides to move on and leave Como, moving to an ancient village in the Marche region of Italy.

It will be that very small town that will send back to her, carried by the wind, strange déjà-vu that seem to be linked to a past she does not even remember. Thus begins a troubled search for self and roots.

Siberian Love – Lilia Bicec

“History cannot be concealed! Truth can emerge through the bones that can surface from the earth at any time….”

A dramatic, never-unveiled episode from World War II: the case of the massacre of prisoners of war near Bălți, a town located in northern Bessarabia.

Vittorio Montini, an Italian-born prisoner of war, is one of the few survivors of the massacre, who managed to save himself by escaping from the mass grave.

Arriving in his late teens, he is no longer afraid of the authorities, and tells his granddaughter the truth about the thousands of military personnel, allies of the Reich, imprisoned in lager n. 33.

Metropolitan Solitudes – Laura Stolla

“Metropolitan Solitudes” is a collection of twelve short stories. These are not just stories, but lives that follow one another and intertwine, populated by diverse characters grappling with their own existential dramas. It is loneliness that is the mainstay of the entire narrative, the one that leads individuals to take actions that will have unexpected and painful consequences for themselves, and for others. But it is out of suffering, such controversial and frightening ground, that the flower that leads to change will be born.

Miscarried Lives – Claudia Ferretti

“Convinced that time was the only tool to fight pain, Robert increased his training sessions aiming each time to exceed his limits. He never stopped. Not even on the day he was suspended because he cleanly cut off two of his assistant’s fingers while amputating the right leg of a patient, who ended up bleeding to death.”

“The Smokehouses of Soho,” aired on the Yastaradio station, are twenty-five tales as real as they are surreal that turn the spotlight on the power of nonsense. These are stories of wacky and courageous heroes who are able to give an end to their existence by turning their mistakes into victories.

Adelina superstar – Alessandra Santisi

Useful info

  • When?

Saturday, November 11, 2023, from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

  • Where?

Cabinet Art Gallery, Milan, via Tadino, 20

  • Do you have to register?

The event is open to anyone, with or without registration.

If you want to arrive super prepared, take the literary station test and find out which one is most akin to your tastes!

  • How much does it cost?

Admission and the day are completely free.

In addition, Another Coffee Stories will also offer a welcome glass, a rich buffet with themed dishes, and of course all the coffee you can drink!

See you on Saturday!

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