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I maestri della tostatura media

Thanks to capsules, we have all become accustomed to buying coffee packaged in cardboard boxes.

We started from this habit to rethink the packaging of ground and bean coffee, putting not only our capsules into boxes, but also our bags of coffee beans and ground coffee to better protect it without releasing aluminum boxes into the environment.

But this is just the beginning, what everyone can notice when they hold our packages in their hands. Hidden in the box are the one-way valve, protective nitrogen atmosphere, and multilayer bags. Find out everything we do to pamper coffee and to be able to ensure its proper preservation and quality without negatively impacting the environment.

The degassing valve

All our bags, even the 1 kg bags, are equipped with a degassing valve. But what is it for? It allows the gases naturally emitted by coffee to escape, while preventing oxygen from entering the package.

Since the valve opens when the pressure inside the packet is greater than the pressure outside and then closes again when the degassing process is finished, you are guaranteed that the coffee, continues to live while it is packaged, without the external atmosphere in any way compromising the protection of the aromas and without the vacuum packing stopping its natural degassing process: your coffee is alive and continues to “live” in our packets.

Try pressing the package even lightly, you can distinctly smell the aroma of your coffee even before you open it. Magic that will make you want to surprise yourself and your friends.

In addition, since our packages are normally transported by courier, the valve ensures that in the event of any crushing, the package will not open due to pressure, ensuring maximum product integrity.

The protective nitrogen atmosphere.

In our bags, air is replaced by nitrogen to allow perfect preservation of the fine characteristics of our coffees. In fact, the properties of ground coffee, even in capsules, and beans remain intact due to the inhibiting action of the development of microorganisms that would be inevitable should the product remain exposed to air. Not only are the flavor and aromas protected, but also the volume and color remain unchanged from the time immediately before packaging.

The multilayer envelopes

Our pouches are multilayer (double for 250-gram packs and triple for 1000-gram packs) ensuring an effective barrier against external agents. Your coffee is preserved and protected because of the strength of the pouches, especially during transport.

In the case of the 250-gram bag, the bag is transparent so that you can examine your coffee even while keeping it inside the bag.There will be no more need to open the bag to find out if the coffee is as expected when you ordered it, and it can be opened exactly when you first draw it. Your beans have never been so beautiful and easy to admire, and your ground coffee has never been so alive!

The box

Since our goal is to protect the coffee from all external agents, we couldn’t help but pamper it with a layer of cardboard as well.

The box prevents over-expansion of the bag by naturally regulating gas leakage through the valve. It also prevents light from entering the bag and allows the pressure of any crushing to be distributed throughout the package, promoting gas escape and bag strength.

By now it’s clear: our packs lovingly protect Ernani Coffee and allow it to breathe without oxidizing thanks to the one-way valve and protective nitrogen atmosphere that maintains freshness and aromas.

Now that you understand that Caffè Ernani is not content to produce excellent coffee, but wants to do everything to keep its fine characteristics intact until the moment of actual consumption, all that remains is to taste it! And why not subscribe to Caffè Ernani?

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Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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