Recipe for cold coffee creamer at home like at the coffee shop, ready in 5 minutes!

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It’s time to bid a final farewell to summer and enjoy one of the most beloved drinks among Italians during the summer months: cold coffee creamer.

A very tasty, creamy, velvety, frothy, and mouth-watering spoon dessert that we all crave and hope to find in every café for an afternoon snack or a truly tempting after-lunch treat.

In fact, it cannot be missing among the products served at our Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan!

From today you can reproduce it in your own home. I know you can’t wait to drink one last coffee creamer!

It is a very simple recipe that requires only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes of your time!

Ingredients for 2 persons:
  • 125 ml fresh cream for desserts
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 2 cups of espresso coffee

The secret to good coffee creamer is to use all cold ingredients.

For this recipe, I recommend using a more intense coffee with more bitter notes, such as our STRETCH.

This way your cream will be balanced between the sweetness of the cream and sugar and the intensity of the coffee.

At this point you can follow two different procedures:
  • Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and, with the help of a beater, whip the mixture until it becomes frothy, creamy and light;
  • If you do not have a whisk just pour them inside a jar with a lid, or a bottle and shake vigorously for 5 minutes.

And the game is done!

Serve immediately for immediate consumption!

You can also add waffles and cookies for an even more delicious dessert.

In addition, because of its full-bodied texture, cold coffee cream is also suitable for filling cakes, tarts, waffles, brioche and more!

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Martina Mazzoleni

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