Shaken coffee: make it at home with our recipe!

I maestri della tostatura media
Foto di un calice di vetro con all'interno un caffè shakerato su un tavolino nero e con sfondo verdone.

Espresso is our mantra, our morning ritual, our alarm clock, our tradition and our culture. t goes through our days with unique and tasty moments of pleasure.

How to transform an espresso into an excellent thirst-quenching and refreshing coffee for the summer months?

So here is the recipe for preparing an excellent Shaken Coffee at home or at the bar!

In Italy, shaken coffee is called Shakerato. It is a variant of the classic espresso made with coffee, ice and liquid sugar to obtain a drink dominated by a frothy, thick and compact cream.

Ingredients for 1 person

  • Double espresso
  • 12-16 ice cubes
  • 10ml liquid sugar

If you want to know how to best prepare espresso, click on the button below:

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Here are the Caffè Ernani that I recommend:
  • Blue Diamond, if you want to obtain a less bitter drink, perfect even without the addition of sugar, fresh and refreshing
  • Allegro, if you want a coffee that is rounder and more balanced between sweetness, acidity and bitterness
  • Vivace, if you are looking for a more bitter and intense coffee

To prepare liquid sugar, on the other hand, just pour 80 gr of water and 80 gr of sugar into a saucepan, therefore always using the 1:1 ratio, i.e. for 1 gr of water add 1 gr of sugar. After that, turn on the heat very slowly and melt all the sugar. Turn off the heat before boiling and then caramelisation begins. Remember that the syrup must remain transparent.


  • Service glass
  • Shaker
  • Strainer


The recipe really is very simple and easily replicable at home!

The first step consists in chilling the serving glass so that you can sip the drink calmly, without it heating up.

Then take a few ice cubes and swirl them around the sides of the glass, then leave them inside until serving time.

Alternatively, you can place the glass in the freezer for a few minutes.

Fill the shaker with 8-10 ice cubes and add the liquid sugar.

It is now time to pour the double espresso. Make sure to prevent the heat of the coffee from melting the ice

closing the shaker immediately and start shaking vigorously for about 20 seconds.

Even the way in which it is shaken is essential to be able to obtain a silky and creamy final drink in the cup. Hold the shaker with one hand on the bottom and one on the top, shaking it in a circular way, therefore not only vertically or horizontally, but making small circles, so as to incorporate as much air as possible.

Now you just have to open the shaker and pour the coffee into the serving glass blocking the ice with a strainer or alternatively with a spoon or with a strainer.

First, however, remember to remove the ice used to cool the glass and any water that may have formed.

Expert advice

Sugar is important to create a thick cream in the simplest way possible.

Let me explain: if you are a skilled bartender and know the shake technique well, you will be able to create a beautiful foam even without sugar.

But if you are not super expert with the sugar the formation of the cream is much easier!

Another trick to be able to whip better is to insert a fairly large spring inside the shaker.

Finally, if you don’t have a shaker, you can replace it with a glass jar, as long as it has a tightly fitting cap.

Variations of Shakerato

The recipe can be enriched with other flavors and ingredients, such as liqueurs or spices.

You can add Sambuca, Baileys, Amaretto or vanilla liqueur.

In fact, just add 10 ml of liqueur into the shaker before pouring the coffee and repeat the same steps as in the recipe described above.

You can then add cocoa on the cream, cinnamon, vanilla stick or even more delicious cocoa flakes.

In short, you can indulge yourself as you prefer and combine always different ingredients, both sweet and fresh.

Now you just have to try it!

If you want to see the video of this recipe instead,entourage sui social Why will be out very soon!

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