Thank you for this incredible year together!

I maestri della tostatura media

The year 2023 has also almost come to an end.

Every year I write an article to take stock of what has happened, and each year I become more and more melancholy about the time that has passed.

This moment of reflection leads me to remember each past day and all that has changed in just one year.

In fact, changes happen so fast that one does not have time to stop and metabolize and embrace them.

So this is just the perfect time to absorb them.

This year’s successes

Caffè Ernani has had a strong expansion abroad this year, entering the Arab market, especially the Ryad market, from which a distribution for the entire Arabian Peninsula will take root.

Thanks to our new Saudi partners, we have also brought the Ernani Academy to the capital city to train their entire team across the board on quality coffee!

Milan’s Torrefazione is still battling the economic aftermath left by Covid, but it is always growing and the positive reviews are never lacking!

E-commerce has had a golden year, full of new products, service improvements and countless new customers, who are increasingly interested in fine coffee and, above all, understanding what quality coffee means and no longer taking anything for granted.

The production has had several recognitions from other Specialty Coffee roasters and from great professionals in the industry, which confirmed the professional growth of our roasters, Paul and Andrea.

Our social profiles and marketing strategies have been brought as examples of digital development of modern roasters within workshops and master’s degrees.

Finally, the events organized to meet coffee lovers and our most loyal customers were incredible social moments, full of excitement and positive energy!

But why have I given you this list, which, I admit, is very self-referential?

Because in reality that is not the case…I have shown you the successes of Ernani Coffee 2023 not to brag, but to share them with you and, above all, to make you a part of what you have allowed us to do!

So I can say nothing but a huge THANK YOU!

Without you this would not have been possible!

We have seen realities very similar to ours fail to emerge or close their doors.

We are aware of how hostile our country is toward coffee and in admitting that it is time to abandon some old and mostly false myths and embrace quality and especially the new and extravagant things the industry has to offer.

If we have managed to achieve even one of our goals and grow this is only because of you, who have supported us every single day.

You blindly relied on us, let us guide you, trusted our professionalism and above all our passion.
You have done it so much that now you are the real enthusiasts!

How could we not appreciate this!

Personally, every time I meet you, you fill my heart, you give me the charge for all the following months of work, you make me realize what wonderful people you are who share our curiosity for coffee.

If the Social Profiles, Online Shop, Roasting, and Distribution work it is yes because of our commitment and hard work, but we would be left alone if you did not follow us with so much energy… the products would be unsold without you!

What surprised us most this year:

Undoubtedly International Coffee Day, October 1, 2023.

In celebration of the international day dedicated to the incredible dark drink, we opened the doors of our production laboratory with many back-to-back events throughout the day.

We predicted between 40 and 80 people turnout in 7 hours of Open Day…over 250 showed up!
Never, ever would we have imagined that coffee and a small roastery in Brianza, would move all this?

And your words, your enthusiasm, your focus-you don’t even have a clue what you conveyed to us that day!

We spent 7 hours without taking even half a break, always running because precisely we were a little unprepared for what was coming.

But at the end of the day, we all took a deep breath, looked into each other’s eyes and got emotional.

I, Martina, literally had glazed eyes, Paul said, “Did that really happen?”, Andrea on the other hand, “Are we even realizing?”, Luca laughed with joy, and Claudia was literally in shock.

So to conclude I again extend a huge Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

We will continue to strive to keep your eagerness and curiosity high and be able to share many more moments together!

Thank you from the whole Ernani team:

Actually, there would still be someone else I would like to thank: my amazing collaborators.

Working with you, through ups and downs as in all realities, is always a pleasure.

I can’t imagine myself in any other company, because I think this togetherness of ours, this mutual support and help, this shared passion and bond is really rare.

We push each other and always give our best, because we strongly believe that if everyone works well, we can all grow together!

Not to mention the team at Torrefazione di Milano, where Fabio in recent years has done an incredible job of modernizing, re-evaluating the offerings, coupled with continually looking for better and better staff to be able to offer impeccable service to anyone-and he has succeeded!

Each of us is crucial to the company, and this importance makes us proud of our work.

So a warm and heartfelt thank you to the Ernani team as well!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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