The benefits of coffee – part 2

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We all know: there is caffeine in coffee, which can provide countless benefits to our bodies.

Already in Part 1 of “The Benefits of Coffee,” we mentioned the maximum daily intake recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), which is 300 mg.

When taken in this amount it can have countless beneficial effects on the body, having stimulating and psycho-activating effects, usable for both recreational and curative purposes.

But coffee contains not only caffeine, but countless other substances that contribute to making this beverage a source of wealth for our well-being.

In the last article we mentioned 3 important effects: stimulatory, energizing, and lipolytic and anorectic.

Let us now see what additional benefits moderate coffee consumption can provide.

4- Wellness effect on dental health

A Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine study states that coffee plays an important role in dental health, as the antioxidants it contains have protective effects against oral diseases, while also helping in reducing the number of periodontal bone loss.

This conclusion was made on the basis of dental visits on 1,152 patients started in 1968 and concluded in 2018.

The Brazilian University of Rio de Janeiro also conducted a study on the subject, arriving at the result that coffee actively removes naturally occurring bacteria in saliva, the cause of plaque formation and thus cavities.

This is again due to the antioxidant polyphenols in the drink.

Beware though! Drinking too much coffee can cause blackening of tooth enamel, caused by tannic acid. So this incredible liquid should not be abused.

5- Prevention effect on type 2 diabetes

Numerous researches over the years have shown that coffee is an excellent ally in type 2 diabetes by about 33 percent.

Diabetes is a phenomenon that occurs when there is an excess of glucose in the blood. As a result, those who suffer from it need to leverage insulin, stimulated precisely by particular antioxidants in coffee.

The major research on the subject was carried out by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, who collected 28 scientific studies on a population of 1.2 million people, followed at varying intervals from 10 months to 20 years.

The research was later published in the journal Diabetes Care.

The protective function can be attributed to the antioxidant property of a natural dietary polyphenol, namely chlorogenic acid, found in coffee.

This acid improves insulin sensitivity and reduces blood glucose concentration through inhibition of its absorption in the intestine.

This effect applies to both “regular” and decaffeinated coffee, because, as we have said, the benefit in this case does not come from caffeine intake, but from chlorogenic acid, which allows blood sugar to be lowered naturally and thus helps in the prevention of diabetes.

6- Protective effect against cirrhosis of the liver

Coffee is also a friend to the liver.

In industrialized countries, unfortunately, alcohol consumption is often excessive. This is the most common cause of the onset of hepatitis C.

The consequence of this condition lies in the fact that the liver, in degrading alcohol, produces toxic chemicals, some of which trigger the inflammation that leads to cirrhosis.

In this way, the liver slowly deteriorates and no longer functions due to chronic injury.

In fact, slowly scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, partially blocking direct blood flow to the organ. Therefore, the liver can no longer effectively replace the damaged cells.

The discovery comes from research conducted by scientists at the O. J. Kennedy University of Southampton in England and published in the scientific journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

According to this research, consuming two cups of coffee a day may have protective effects against cirrhosis of the liver for 44%.

This was confirmed through the analysis of data on 432,000 patients.

Of course, coffee alone is not enough!

Drinking regularly, as we have just finished listing, does indeed have countless beneficial effects, but it must certainly go hand in hand with other lifestyle factors, such as a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity.

It is also fair to point out that raw coffee beans contain a large amount of all the beneficial substances listed above. However, the concentration of these substances is reduced once the grains are roasted.

This is one of the reasons why we at Ernani decided to opt for a Medium Toast.

In fact, in addition to making the coffee in the cup much more aromatic and less bitter, it manages to degrade less of the positive substances contained within the beans.

As a result, the drink will be more lovable and tasty to the palate, but also of greater benefit to your body!

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